Songs for Sleeping

When Toddler Boy was very small, I was having problems getting him to sleep at night and a friend suggested putting some music on. This has worked miracles, however I’m beginning to wonder if I am actually subconsciously brain-washing my little boy. You see, the problem is that you don’t want to play the same stuff every night, as then, I’m convinced you would be brain-washing. At the same time, you need calm, classic, easy listening stuff. Our record collection is full of Indie and Prog- Rock music. We don’t have much suitable to choose from. Thus, so far he has listened in his cot to:

  • Cat Stevens Greatest Hits- the all time favourite for him, he even nods along to this in the car (I have spawned a hippy child) and I think I can hear him singing to this as I type
  • Music From In the Night Garden
  • BetaBand
  • Gina Ford’s Nursery Rhymes and Lullaby’s
  • The Beach Boys Greatest Hits
  • Some random prog-rock/ Pink Floyd which I’m not sure of without going up to his bedroom

The thing is, I reckon I should be broadening his musical experiences as I don’t want him to be the un-coolest boy in the class, favouring Dad musak. So, any suggestions would be most welcome. Please note, I am not putting him forward for a social experiment on the effects of easy listening music on brain development, for all I know it could actually constitute the equivalent of toddler water torture. And he might force me to listen to Nana Mouskouri or something similar when I’m too elderly or infirm to do anything about it.


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  1. Glowstars 3rd April 2009 / 4:17 pm

    Luckily the boy doesn't demand music otherwise we'd probably have even more trouble getting him to sleep. He does seem to like chart music so how about investing in the latest Now! album?

  2. Maternal Tales 3rd April 2009 / 5:45 pm

    The coolest children in school were always the children who listened to their parents' music. Keep doing what you're doing and he'll be the one they all look up to!

  3. Aussie Mum 5th April 2009 / 5:57 am

    Your toddler boy is lucky he has such a selection of music to sleep to – my poor boys get the same "Symphony of Lullabies" over and over – not sure if it works for them but it has an instant sedative effect on me! In the car I'm afraid "The Wiggles" have taken over. Whenever hubby or I try to play our music we get "turn that off mummy – your music is boring!"

  4. rwstewart35 30th May 2009 / 7:20 pm

    Pink Floyd is a classic catalyst for sleep. Some others:<br>Somewhere Over the Rainbow – Israel Kamakawiwo&#39;ole<br>El Shaddai – Amy Grant<br>Stewball – Peter, Paul and Mary<br>Baby Mine – Bette Midler<br>River Lullabye – Amy Grant<br>Desperado – The Eagles<br>Word of God Speak – Mercy Me<br>Hallelujah – Rufus Wainwright<br>Angel – Sarah McLachlan<br><br>As far as bands go, Pink Floyd, Jimmy

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