The wonderful world of blogging

Ive really started enjoying the whole community thing that goes along with doing a particular type of blogging. There is a sense of comradeship which comes from writing about your current parenting nightmare. You also find that very occasionally you get tagged. This is proof that others read your drivel, but more importantly than that you can actually find out a bit more about your blogging comrades, whilst they discover key Smash Hits style facts about you. My favourite colour is red. Thank-you to Katherine of Supply and Demands

1. What are your current obsessions? must lose weight, must get fit, must lose weight, must get fit, when will I fit in with sleep? is the baby teething? where can I get a few summer t-shirts cheaply? blog, blog, blog

2. Which item of clothes do you wear most often? Without a Shadow of a doubt my jeans, the back pocket buttons of which have just fallen off in the car. Nothing else fits, must lose weight, must lose weight, must get fit. Where are the crisps?

3. What’s for dinner tonight? crisps, chocolate, strawberries, champagne. Oh, sorry, just dreaming. Spaghetti Carbonara.

4. What’s the last thing you bought? Well, funny you should ask. Ive just been Sainsbury where I bought a whole shopping trolleys worth of food, except I didn’t. As I went to pay for it after packing it all in my personal shopping bags only to find that toddler boy had used my bank card for his role playing shopping at the early learning centre till he got for his birthday and my bank card was actually sitting at home. Grrrr!!!

5. What are you currently listening to? Lily Allen, I’m saying no more, as I’m not renowned for my musical choices.

6. What are you doing at the weekend? I’m being Maid of Honour at my little sister’s wedding.

7. What are you reading now? Glamour magazine, The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson and We are Wearing Out the Naughty Step by Mick Inkpen

8. Wow! How Do You stay looking so young? I find a complete lack of effort and a diet of junk food works wonders, drinking cola provides energy.

9. What is your guilty pleasure? Watching Home and Away. I’m so ashamed.

10. Who or what makes you laugh until you’re weak? My husband usually manages it. Read that as you like, it depends on my mood!

11. First Spring thing? I’ll have the lamb with roast potatoes and a bunch of daffodils after my cleaning session please.

12. Where are you planning on travelling to next?Suppose I had better go back to Sainsbury. We are holidaying in North Norfolk this year.

13. What was the best thing you ate or drank recently? A large glass of ice cool Coke and a packet of salt and vinegar kettle chips. I’m a simple sort of gal.

14. When did you last get tipsy? I haven’t had the chance much recently due to excessive childcare considerations, but I did have 3 cocktails at Garden Mums weekend barbecue.

15. What is your favourite film? I love Moulin Rouge, its funny, well directed, visually stunning and a musical all rolled into one.

16. Share a piece of wisdom. If you put a lock on the outside of your toilet door the children cant chuck the loo rolls down the toilet, unsupervised.

17. What’s your favourite song? I like anything by The Divine Comedy

18. If you could change anything in your life so far, what would it be? I think I should have trained to be a vet rather than an archaeologist and bought a house sooner.

Want to join the club? Simple, I tag you, you answer on your blog and replace one of the questions with your own. Then you tag 8 other people. The lucky tag goes to (but don’t feel obliged!):

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4 Responses

  1. Amy 29th April 2009 / 6:05 pm

    Number4 always happens to me i feel your pain! 18month old loves to pull all my cards out of my purse and scatters them around the house, she always manages to leave my credit card in though, she must be telling me something ! x

  2. Glowstars 30th April 2009 / 10:36 am

    8. You&#39;re a girl after my own heart!<br>16. I&#39;d just be happy with a lock on the inside of my bathroom door, but remembering the last time the 4 year old did that, now I&#39;ll up my aspirations!

  3. Katherine 30th April 2009 / 1:36 pm

    I get the teething thing; I&#39;m OBSESSED; it isn&#39;t healthy, my kids have become obsessed too. Poor Archie! Having to put up with three sets of fingers trying to be the first to find the elusive tooth.<br><br>Like you beauty tip (that ques was mine;) ). Think you should start a &quot;top tips&quot; for beauty. A food/drink based routine would turn a chore into a pleasure.

  4. Metropolitan Mum 30th April 2009 / 4:49 pm

    Haha. Thanks for making me laugh!! Must loose weight must loose weight… And I thought this voice would only live inside my head…

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