A supermarket conundrum

Today I went to a different supermarket to usual as they had a third off nappies. The trolleys aren’t quite as spacious, hence toddler boy was sort of wedged next to Fifi. Whilst I was perusing the cereals a sudden pang of hunger must have come over him and he decided to bite his sister’s finger. Cue much crying.

What does one do in this situation, in a supermarket full of sightseeing pensioners looking wistfully at the gin? A cold sweat came over me, Ive never experienced such a scenario before. So,well, I said very loudly ‘ Don’t bite your sister that’s very naughty’ looked over both their heads, and carried on towards the fish fingers, picking up two bags of jumbo Dairy Milk Buttons to calm my frayed nerves. I hope they want case studies at next weeks parenting class…


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  1. Rebel Mother 14th May 2009 / 9:26 pm

    Hideous situation! I&#39;ve been there many a time. I even had to have shop assistants help me because I just couldnt shop with two babies – both screaming! <br><br>Give them a chocolate to nibble on or even better shop without them.<br><br>I havent shopped with my kids for about 8 years….they&#39;re 10 &amp; 11 now. Gave me panic attacks it did!

  2. Amy 15th May 2009 / 6:21 am

    it is total hell when that happens, once i had 2year old and 18month together in the trolly and they started bashing heads, which started them screaming, then new baby who was in the sling started crying and 3year old threw a tantrum becuase she wanted something. I just wanted to die!!! <br><br>It involved me taking all the screaming kids back to the car whilst husband paid for the shopping…..

  3. Womanatwork 15th May 2009 / 7:06 am

    My son bit his brother at the check in queue at the airport last year. It was very embarrassing and totally out of the blue.<br><br>I empathise, don&#39;t think there&#39;s a parent in the land that hasn&#39;t found themselves in this situation.

  4. cartside 15th May 2009 / 1:25 pm

    shop online.<br><br>I can&#39;t even do a proper shop with one, other than a very focused one for a maximum of 15 minutes.<br><br>I usually shop online or do it in my lunch hour at work (which obvisously isn&#39;t an option for you at the moment).

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