Cycling Tips for Kids

I’ve spoken before about Road Safety and how I’m having problems making sure toddler boy actually understands the dangers. At the time I was given some brilliant links by Kerry from Think Parents Network. Well, recently Toddler boy has shown a real interest in cycling and he has begun to work out how to peddle his little trike. It wont be long before he wants to get out there onto the mean streets and mummy has yet another thing to worry about. I hope he doesn’t try to go as fast as Elliot in ET did when he was taking ET back to meet his alien spaceship. And as a seven year old me did, in tribute to the film. This resulted in a particularly bad crash in Trent Park, Cockfosters, London which has left me scarred for life, some would say both mentally and physically.

Just as well to be prepared then, and I’m writing this as much as a reminder to me, as one for you. As it happens, the Department of Transport have been updating the cycling section of their website and Ive been sent a load of links to share with you all. I really hope that they will be of use, even if your little one isn’t old enough yet, I would bookmark them for the future, it will save you a lot of time and effort.

I’m also told of a panel of mums that can help with any of your cycling concerns, you can find them here. Just don’t ask them how to padlock your child to the bike to stop them going anywhere, I don’t think they will find it amusing.

Think Parents have compiled 5 handy cycling tips;
· Use your head! – make sure you are wearing the right size helmet and it is fitted correctly
· Be bright, be seen! – wear light, bright reflective clothes and accessories
· Size matters! – ensure your child’s feet can touch the floor comfortably (bike is not too big or small)
· Bright ideas! – accessorize your bike with lights and reflectors, and ensure they are kept clean.
· Safe Place to Ride! – Stay on cycle lanes and get off the bike and walk if the road looks too busy

I’m not being paid for this, it isn’t a plug. Its just a public service announcement from Being a Mummy. Have fun, but be safe, ET wasn’t real but the Goonies really did have that adventure.


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  1. Thames 29th May 2009 / 5:40 am

    We just got bikes for all the girls so this is very relevant. thanks! (A Modern Mother)

  2. My Little Brown Book 2nd June 2009 / 12:21 pm

    Thanks for posting this – it&#39;s a great way to get all the info out there!<br><br>LBB x

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