The speed of toddlers

Went to the Zoo the other day. We were there for 8 hours, during this time we saw a minimal number of animals. However, we did spend half an hour playing in one of those little cars that you put money in and drive. Except I’m blowed if I’m going to put money in. Not sure what happens when toddler boy spots that they do more than just provide the opportunity to turn a wheel. We nearly didn’t get any further, I had to threaten the boy ‘ ifyoudontcomeandseesome animals… we are going straight home NOW!’ Luckily, he did as he was told, or I would have been stuck with two children sobbing at home.

We also spent a considerable amount of time jumping in puddles, OK, well I didn’t do much of that, as I’m a bit hefty at the moment. But I watched and occasionally got wet, does that count? We also had a picnic and then later on coffee and cakes. We touched a giraffe skull and marvelled at the colour of the flamingos and stood for a while looking at some damp lions.

Then I discovered that toddlers can actually run as fast as a car – the evidence is above. This didn’t surprise me. So, Ive a message for Hertfordshire/ Essex/ Kent/ Berkshire/ Bedfordshire Constabulary, it really isn’t me, its the toddler.

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  1. Dan 17th May 2009 / 7:32 am

    Little tip. Never EVER let your kids find out that those cars move around when you put money in them.<br><br>Trust me.

  2. Anonymous 30th October 2009 / 5:34 pm

    Look at the evidence. Those cars only work for Grandparents!

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