Arghhh (or a blood curdling scream)

Toddler boy has developed a new and effective attention seeking device. The blood-curdling angst ridden chilling scream. Its the sort where you think, that perhaps he has broken an arm, bloodied his nose or seen the most horrific spider. But think again, this scream has been used this week for;

  • Dropping a pen
  • A twisted sock
  • Shutting a notebook
  • Being unable to undo his cardigan
  • Noticing his sister is asleep
  • Being unable to undo his Velcro trainers
  • Discovering that his snack is strawberries and not chocolate
  • Numberjacks coming on the television

There you have it, another reason why I’m a frazzled wreck of a woman, always on the edge, seeking the comfort of talking to strangers in Waitrose and rather fond of chocolate.


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  1. Metropolitan Mum 11th June 2009 / 8:53 am

    Coffee gone cold, running out of breast pads, missing waste-collecting-Wednesday, missing Gossip Girl (again!)… I could add to the list and am totally with toddler boy here. The weather alone makes me want to scream 😉

  2. Glowstars 11th June 2009 / 9:41 am

    Ditch the chocolate and head straight for the vodka. I also think duct tape is a legitimate parenting choice!

  3. Rebel Mother 11th June 2009 / 10:24 am

    OMG! My daughter did that – and I&#39;m sure in contributed to my being partially deaf! Screaming whilst on hip! Essential: Get ear-plugs!<br><br>Great post RMx

  4. clareybabble 11th June 2009 / 8:21 pm

    Baby B has just started this at 10 mths old and Little S still does it at 3 and a half!!!

  5. Widge 12th June 2009 / 3:25 am

    AArrgghhh I&#39;m going through the same thing! It started with the 2 year old but has managed to be contagious as the 4 year and 7 year old have decided to join in. The car ride to school this morning was a circus! I&#39;m just thankful no one could actually hear them or me yelling over them to be quiet. muh.

  6. Perfectly Happy Mum 12th June 2009 / 11:55 am

    Same here! Noone ever told us that giving birth was way easier then going through toddler stage… <br>:)

  7. Karin 13th June 2009 / 7:56 pm

    My Little Miss may not be screaming but she is already preparing brilliant teddy throwing tantrums. Boom, down on her bum, bottom lip out, swiping hands to push me away. How brilliant! Not even past 12 months and we&#39;re already moving to Terrible Two! 🙂 Of course, the sound of &quot;Mama&quot; tends to erase most of those memories!<br>Karin

  8. rsteele 14th June 2009 / 9:04 am

    My middle daughter did that. She would just get so frustrated and her little body would tense up and out would come this scream. It use to vibrate my eardrums, painfully so.<br><br>On another note you are the first blogger I&#39;ve read who doesn&#39;t allow wordpress comments, why? I have a blog on wordpress and usually comment through them.

  9. Mummy Whisperer 16th June 2009 / 9:36 am

    LoL Mine uses that scream for the fact that I cut up his bread wrong, having followed his initial instructions, and then he changed his mind – arrrrgghhh!<br>Bread shape is obviously an incredibly important subject to a 3yr old ;o)

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