Bang, Bang, Bang! St Albans Pilgrimage

Each year in St Albans we have a big pilgrimage where we celebrate the life of St Alban, the first British Martyr. This year was no exception with enormous Roman soldiers, lions and monks and so forth all processing from Verulamium Museum up to the Abbey and Cathedral. I don’t have any pictures of this, as I was actually doing my good deed for the day helping out with Young Archaeologist Club. However, I’m informed that Toddler boy marvelled at the beheading and particularly liked the bit where the executioners eyes fell out. More! More!

Later on in the afternoon, I was released from the shackles of looking after other peoples kids for free on a Saturday morning. Yes, I am mad. This meant I was able to enjoy some of the tail end of the events. This included a fantastic drumming session outside the Abbey lead by Ruth of Mish Mash Music.
Toddler boy attends Mish Mash so we thought he would enjoy it once he settled into the session. That he did. Although, I have to admit I didn’t realise quite how loud it would be. I hope baby Fifi isn’t deaf now. I did do the responsible thing and move the pushchair away a bit, although she did seem to be rocking out, so I didn’t want her to miss the fun.

Once Toddler boy had banged away to his hearts content, even leading a bit of the session, he did 40 minutes on the bouncy castle. Oh, to be young! This was after walking for at least 2 miles over the course of the day. All in all, a fun day.



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  1. The Dotterel 20th June 2009 / 6:25 pm

    Sounds loud. And gory. What could possibly be better for a little boy?

  2. Sandy Calico 21st June 2009 / 6:45 am

    Sounds like a brilliant day out. We're plucking up the courage to buy our little ones more musical instruments, perhaps we should buy some ear defenders too!

  3. Grit 21st June 2009 / 8:59 am

    dash! this was in our diary! and we missed it! grrr. now i am cross. but otoh we were staggering around burnham beeches with geologists, so i suppose we can't do everything.

  4. Laura McIntyre 21st June 2009 / 6:49 pm

    Sounds like a perfect fun day<br>out for a little one. Musical instruments can be noisy but such fun

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