I’ve got a hard head

One of my work colleagues was sent to Iraq with the TA. He sustained an injury when a spanner hit him on the head. He was driving along and some joker had placed it in the sun visor screen thingy of the truck. I don’t think there was any permanent damage, apart from to his pride. I can feel his pain as I have sustained a remarkable number of head injuries in the last two years as a result of having kids. And that’s on top of baby brain itself. It’s a wonder I can actually communicate at all. Still, my mum always said how everyone remarked how hard and heavy my head was. Its natural selection, for a reason!
Take, for example, the other night. Whilst playing a rather heated game of Shut Door , I was head butted by toddler boy, sustaining a nose crack so hard that not only did by jaw feel like it was imploding, but I also have a rather fetching lump on which to balance my glasses.
That’s not all, I have also been directly hit on the head by a whole carton of Formula milk. See it is bad, bad, bad stuff. It doesn’t fit in any of our cupboards, they are crammed full of contraband not to be seen on display things like chocolate and crisps. Therefore it lives on top of the refrigerator. Not good. A plastic Little People garage can also sustain quite a blow when knocked off the top of a wardrobe. Whilst, the box of Start-right tots shoes that hit me the other night causing me to crook my neck could be considered a minor blow.
I think I’m doing quite well though, hubby was playing football a few months ago with Toddler boy and hit his head, on the whirly bird washing line. He knocked himself out, to be awoken only by Toddler boy hitting him on the head.
Perhaps we need to invest in some crash helmets for our daily parenting duties. I wonder if Toddler boys hard hat will suffice…


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  1. The Dotterel 23rd June 2009 / 12:49 pm

    And as for bare feet – why are they such a magnet for little, shoe-clod feet, or else heavy toys?

  2. Rebel Mother 23rd June 2009 / 3:41 pm

    A short course as a stunt artist or gymnast is needed before becoming a parent I think!<br><br>Oh, I did laugh….RMx

  3. Metropolitan Mum 24th June 2009 / 7:56 am

    Haha. Just to reassure you – you seemed perfectly normal to me the other Saturday. But then this comes from a woman who regularly falls down the stairs…

  4. Katherine 24th June 2009 / 5:50 pm

    OOoooo banged heads. Archie is going through an involuntary head butting stage at the moment! I&#39;m with Sandy, bubble wrap helmets could become THE THING this season!! I always cry when I sustain a head injury, however mild, even when it doesn&#39;t hurt. I suppose it&#39;s a reaction thing; either that or I&#39;m a big wuss!!! <br>Love your contraband (is that spelt right?) we have one

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