A trip without kids

No, not a fall, but a full blown adult experience (cough, cough). A literal p*ss-up in a brewery. The wedding of our friends at the Shepherd Neame brewer in Faversham, Kent. An fantastic day was had by all and the bride looked beautiful. However, it was only the second time we have been out sans babies. I felt as if something was missing, as if I had forgotten something. I have become so accustomed to being constantly harassed, that I am simply uncomfortable without the stress of a toddler clamped to my leg whilst I’m walking along jiggling baby Fifi.
Take for example, when the food arrived, a sumptuous three course feast, what did I do? I instantly carved up the plate full of food into different portions. At a loss of what to do with my additional available food, I felt the urge to pass it onto hubby. He was understandably disappointed. Free to go to the loo unimpeded, I took ample opportunities to go there. I suspect the other guests might have wondered what I was up to. But, hey, the luxury of being able to go in peace cannot be underestimated. Or explained to the non- parent.
For a few minutes towards the end of the night, I began to feel a little bit like I did prior to babydoom. It was weird, a sudden urge to get drunk, dance the conga and flirt with hubby. Just as well that my sensible side got the better of me and I asked hubby to take me home. Going back indoors, I snuck upstairs to look at my two beautiful sleeping babies and reflect on how my life has changed. I don’t think I really exist without them anymore. My life is complete when we are together as a family.

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  1. clareybabble 9th June 2009 / 5:21 pm

    I know that feeling that something is missing too well, although I sometimes do get drunk and do the conga! Ooops! Glad you had a good time 🙂

  2. Loulabelle44 23rd June 2009 / 11:37 am

    Apologies for cutting off your arms for the day! We promise we won't do it again, and must get together with little ones in toe soon.

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