Alton Towers Winner!

In the background to this post I’d like a drum roll and then some of that endless lift music. That’s because after I asked for advice on the wonderful British Mummy Bloggers site for marketing the competition, I ended up with more entries than I bargained for. Ive just spent the best part of an hour and a half writing on tiny scraps of paper and making sure that everyone has the correct number of entries to the draw. Hence, initial excitement of the drum roll then a long wait. The sort of feeling you get when you phone up the bank and someone answers only to put you on hold for the best part of half and hour (HSBC).

Now, as the competition prize has been donated by Andrex Puppy Points I think that everyone should pop over and check out their site. If you want to have a look at the pictures of the launch you can find them here. The general idea of the Puppy Points is that you save up the codes you get on your toilet roll, input them into the site and exchange them for fab stuff. Something for nothing, not bad if thats your chosen brand of bog roll.
Anyhow, hubby has chased Toddler Boy around the house culminating in him sitting on the naughty step to escape. Since I’m bed ridden there’s not much help that I can provide. He has cornered him with the aforementioned scraps of paper rattling around in our Bob the Builder style archaeology hard helmet and the draw has taken place.

The winner is Gembaby! I hope you like Toddler Boy’s Pj’s. Well Done! Since you have locked your blogger profile you will have to email me your details to the aforementioned hotmail account (top right of the screen). Needless to say, the Being a Mummy readership will expect a full report of your adventures in Stoke.

Phew, my first competition is over, the sense of relief at remembering to do the draw on the correct day and everyfink is enormous. Can I just say that if by some chance I don’t hear anything within three weeks I will do the draw again. Finally, once again, congratulations Gembaby!

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  1. The wife of bold 20th July 2009 / 7:56 pm

    Well done on your first ever comp, it&#39; sounds like it was a lot of hard work though! Congrats to the winner.<br>P.S i LOVE THE PJS X

  2. Kelly 22nd July 2009 / 10:32 am

    I *heart* Pingu. My Mum bought me the video for Christmas when I was 16! Congratulations to the winner.

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