My Take on the Ol’ Swine

Zooarchaeologist has been watching enormous amounts of television recently and twittering like she is going to be struck off for being a spammer. Its the boredom of being bed/ sofa bound. I think this Swine Flu stuff is really getting increasingly worrying. Its only a matter of time before the first Swine Flu Heart Attack victim. This will be someone who has become so anxious about it that they have literally given themselves a heart attack. There will then be Swine Flu road casualties, as people run into the road to avoid someone holding a tissue and a whole new category within the Darwin Awards will need to be created. No, its not that I’m making light of it. I really, really, really don’t want myself or my family to get it. Its just that the media seem to be seizing on an air of panic which isn’t helping.

I think the whole spread of it is partially resultant of the decline in our society as a whole. When I was a kid, you got a severe telling off for spitting, coughing without putting your hand over your mouth or any other similar disgusting habit. Nowadays, it seems to be acceptable to spit onto the street millimetres away from where someone is walking along. I see all sorts of people do it. I find it horrifying, and I have been told that this is one way that TB is getting spread about. Never, let your toddler play with your shoes and take them off indoors!

The coughing thing, I cant tell you the number of people I actively told off for coughing, without putting their hands or a tissue across their mouth whilst I was commuting into London. Some apologised, others looked like they were considering a reply. No-one did or they would have got an even bigger mouthful from me.

So, with this said, you have to ask is this decline in manners and civility another thing to blame New Labour for? I mean, would it have happened under the Conservatives, Liberals or Green Party? Well, probably under the later too, but perhaps I should write into the Conservatives to ask their thoughts on it all. Who shall I pick? There is only one man; Dear Boris…

I’m digressing here. I thought I should try to reassure some of you about the Flu, Ive actually had it a few times, but the last time I had flu or pneumonia, I never did get to the bottom of it, was when I was eight months pregnant. I blogged about it here. I survived, and you will too if you get it. Please, please don’t let the media worry you too much. My understanding is that Swine Flu is bad, but it is the same as the flu. Little ones are at risk (I am concerned about mine) but as long as you keep their temperature down with Calpol or baby Neurofen and seek appropriate advice you will be doing the right thing. Fingers crossed that people are sensible and that Gp’s are understanding.

We had the Norovirus when Toddler boy was tiny, they can get very dehydrated with that. It was awful. So bad, in fact, that I really don’t think that there can be anything worse for a child. I would go to extreme measures to avoid getting that one again. So, can I please make this into an appeal. If your child is poorly, then don’t send them to playgroup, school or take them to soft play. Its just not on. That’s how the germs spread, and no, I don’t agree, its not good for anyone to get a few germs, if they can be avoided they should be. As for the toys at the doctors surgery, avoid them like the plague. Virus’s can stay on hard surfaces for 24 hours and soft for 12. They are likely to have been played with by diseased little hands and seem to me the best way of exposing them to germs going. I wish I manufactured anti-bacterial, anti-viral handwash, I would be making my fortune in these troubled times!


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  1. Vic 21st July 2009 / 9:50 am

    You're right about that: people's manners these days are disgusting. The amount of people you see on the tube couging into the air or even on to their bare hands before wiping them onto the nearest hand rail is sickening.

  2. Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy 21st July 2009 / 9:56 am

    Agree with you on the old norovirus thing. We went through a phase of getting them ALL THE TIME – including when I was 8 months pregnant with No. 2 and then again when No. 2 was 4 weeks. It wasn&#39;t pretty. <br><br>Swine flu not hit here yet (well 2 cases) but I&#39;m worried about what will happen medically wise if it does (obviously over the winter). Not sure Bosnia is stocked up on Tamiflu.

  3. Sandy Calico 21st July 2009 / 8:14 pm

    Great post.<br>I try to be level-headed about the dreaded swine flu, but with myself and my toddler being asthmatic (and probably the baby too), I am worried.<br>I agree, people&#39;s manners are shocking these days.<br>I don&#39;t let my kids out of the pushchair at the GP&#39;s surgery, let alone play with toys that sick children have touched! <br>Have added a new Calpol to the shopping list!

  4. Tattie Weasle 21st July 2009 / 9:39 pm

    What&#39;s that old saying from WWII? Coughs and sneezes spread diseases: use a hankie. Well it may be old but it sure works. That and of course washing your hands. I am trying to get my two boys (3 and 6) to do so. They just love the hankies but getting them to use them appropriately is interesting. Bog Boy, the littlest, uses his as a torreador cloak (don&#39;t go there) while The Boy refuses

  5. Kelly 22nd July 2009 / 12:04 pm

    I agree with you totally. If people stopped scaremongering and actually concentrated on good hygiene then the virus wouldn&#39;t spread so badly.<br><br>I do get nervous about having a newborn and what would happen if they got it but we will deal with whatever happens. Some friends of ours got it, were given Tamiflu and have recovered in a matter of days. Like you say, flu isn&#39;t new, and I

  6. Crystal Jigsaw 22nd July 2009 / 3:05 pm

    Spitting is one my ultimate pet hates. My daughter went through a phase of doing it and still does occasionally, when she thinks I&#39;m not looking!<br><br>The media are becoming a damn nuisance with the swine flu stuff. So okay, we are all at risk and have to take precautions to avoid getting it, but they don&#39;t half try to make us all feel that the world might come to an end should we not

  7. Gemma Johnson 24th July 2009 / 3:03 pm

    I remember a woman sneezing on the back of my neck once, she was incredibly lucky to escape my clutches as I was in too much shock to retaliate and had been taught at kick boxing that my hands were lethal weapons :-)<br><br>I am phobic about snotty green stuff and almost faint when I have to wipe my 2 year olds nose so am being a complete hermit at the moment and have now got it into my head that

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