Elvis Spotted in Chiswell Green!

10th August 2009 No Comments
What do Elvis, the Police Force, the Fire Service and Victim Support all have in common? They all appeared together at the first Chiswell Green Community Fun Day. I’ve been to plenty of fetes but never before, have I had the pleasure to experience a Community Fun Day. I can’t tell you what the difference is, other than I failed to spot a tombola. I did spot one man who looked a bit scary, like Jaws from James Bond or something. I couldn’t help myself but say to hubby ” look at that mans teeth…”. We stood in awe, the chap must have been deaf. Either that, or he is biding his time.

The Fun day was honoured with celebrity (see image above), as Chiswell Green is the home of the UKs Jewish Elvis. Toddler boy remained surprisingly unimpressed with his tales of appearing in Holby City and humorous puns. I winced a bit, I feel a bit self conscious and embarrassed watching such things.

Anyhow, I got to go on a high speed train ride, at £1.50 for me and Toddler Boy it was much better value than First Capital Connect. It also had the added bonus of making me feel a bit dizzy when I got off, after going round and round in circles. Toddler Boy was impressed. However, the best was yet to come in the shape of one of the St Albans Fire Engines!

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting the crew twice before. Once when a piece of raison toast caught fire at work. It wasn’t my fault, I was cornered by an elderly person wanting to tell me their life story. The second time was also at work, when a series of mysterious electrical surges across the galleries caused lights to blow in sequence. A bit like in Poltergeist and then the printer caught fire. That was a lovely drama, one of my more enjoyable days at work.

The local Firemen are all rather nice to talk to and to look at. So, me and Fifi didn’t mind it when Toddler Boy (AKA Fireman Sam) and they hubby wanted to climb aboard and spend hours looking at all the buttons and hoses. It was nice standing in the sunshine with Elvis to keep us entertained and a whole crew of Firemen to look at…

The day was a success, I know this because Toddler Boy had to be dragged away in tears. I quite like the idea of Community Days, keep them coming.

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