More Toys From Our Childhoods!

A few more for you to enjoy, apologies for the quality of some of the pictures. I couldn’t be bothered to get the SLR out!
Here you have, Blossom the My Little Pony, a metal framed dog walker, The Fisher Price Formula One Car, The Fisher Price Camper Van with a boat on its roof and some slightly disturbing 1970’s saucepans….

6 thoughts on “More Toys From Our Childhoods!”

  1. My little pony. Oh how I loved them … I had some but my neighbour had the stable and every horse going. How I wanted to kill her. Ahem, anyway, the 5 year old has a My LIttle Pony. It&#39;s. Just. Not. The. Same. Scrawny thing with crap hair.<br><br>Oh how I loved My Little Pony.

  2. We had those saucepans :).<br><br>Big &amp; Little E&#39;s Nana still has one of those dog zimmer contraptions that the kids still play with!

  3. my little pony i loved them and my girls have got loads of them too! It was nice to see you and your family again with your little ones as cute as ever xx

  4. I adored my little pony, collected nearly all of them only for my silly mother to go and give them away – now i&#39;m in the process of re building the collection. Purely for my girls of course 🙂

  5. Oh my god, Seeing Blossom made me so sentimental I could almost taste it! I&#39;m going to spend the rest of the afternoon watching episodes of Jem on youtube…

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