The Badge Collection; Part One

It’s no secret that I hardly ever throw anything away. But I have been trying to recently, honest. However, this lack of ability to throw our stuff means that I have an entire garage and a room in our house full of junk, including most of my childhood possessions. In recent years these have proved incredibly useful as local museums have genuinely started to ask me if they can borrow bits and bobs. Anyone remember George the Robot, Birthday Care Bear, the Get-a-long Gang, Roland Rat, Tiny Tears and Strawberry Shortcake? If you do, I know how old you are. If you don’t, I could provide you with the answers. It is, of course, the ultimate in meanness too. Toddler boy has my sisters old scooter and her push- along dog. With its dangerous sharp metal frame, the dog is a hit with all the kids. It did cross my mind recently to buy him a new scooter, but I probably won’t, as funds are short. So perhaps, if anyone has one they would like reviewed…. (hint, hint).
Anyway, yesterday I found my old school satchel (above) and inside was full of little treasures. Due to popular demand, I give you The Badge Collection, Part One. I like to keep my readers dangling a bit and really, you can’t have too much excitement. Here you can see the GLC Southbank music festival badge (c. 1980?), one which I presume marked the end of the Argentinian War and of course, the piece d’ resistance the launch of the Access Credit Card, no I mean, the badge that E.T gave me at Barnet Cinema.

7 thoughts on “The Badge Collection; Part One”

  1. Impressive collection, you realise that you could make a small fortune on eBay, Vintage is so Now!<br>Seriously though, ET at Barnet cinema, Brilliant &amp; WOW – I bow to your collection.

  2. Some excellent badges here – especially good when I enlarged the picture. The Grimes Grave&#39;s one is weird and I like the one with a witch on a broomstick.<br><br>I have a collection of silver badges and broaches that I&#39;ll be blogging about soon in my &#39;collections&#39; series.

  3. POOCHIE!!<br>Now that really IS a blast from the past!<br>I had a poochie lunch box – oh how I loves that funny litle dog :D<br><br>Brilliant collection – can&#39;t wait for the rest!

  4. I found my old badge collection a few years ago. Full of things like US out of El Salvador and No Hand Guns (my parents were quite protesty like in their youth, we used to get taken on all sorts of marches – never would believe it now).<br><br>The badges look great!

  5. Brilliant! I&#39;ve got the London Zoo and Whipsnade ones somewhere *shuffles off to find her badge collection* I am being perfectly serious!

  6. I used to have a huge collection of badges. We lost all our stuff in a fire while it was in storage a few years ago while we lived in caravan renovating our house. So I don&#39;t have any of my old things but I&#39;m not all that bothered. The only thing I miss is all the photos I took from age 10 to 31 before I had digital camera. Luckily I still have the childrens baby books as I&#39;d kept

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