The Contents of my Primary School Satchel

I was clearing out the garage today when I came across my primary school satchel! Now thirty years old, it’s surprisingly pristine. A museum piece in itself, I may do a little blog post about it at some point. However, the best things were inside, my badge collection, oh, yes, this has to be seen to be believed. But I couldn’t be bothered to lay it out and photograph it, so that’s for the future too. But best of all these really lovely teethers circa 1975 and still in as good as new condition. Fifi is going to be the envy of all her friends…

5 thoughts on “The Contents of my Primary School Satchel”

  1. OMgosh, they are amazing!!! WOW!<br>do you know who made them? <br>I&#39;ve never seen such funky teethers before! <br>xx<br>(secretly looking forward tot he badge collection too, I love badges!!)

  2. What a great find – I still have paintings I did as a child. I had a collection of badges too but I lost them years ago. Look forward to the post.

  3. Wow – those are amazing. Love them. Can&#39;t believe they&#39;ve been hidden for 30 years (and can&#39;t believe they haven&#39;t gone all yucky and mouldy either). Looking forward to the badge collection. I think I collected rubbers (and stickers)!!!

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