They Were Worth the Money!


Earlier this week I mentioned that the children were playing with the toys that me and the hubby had when we were kids. Surprisingly robust, the majority of the toys they play with were made by Fisher Price when they were part of Quaker Oats. These toys really have stood the test of time. As I’m currently away at Butlins enjoying the Blogfest, I thought you might like to take a trip back in time (or to the present day if you live in our house) during my absence. More images of seventies and eighties toys for you to reminisce about will follow in the forthcoming weeks!

13 thoughts on “They Were Worth the Money!

  1. I loved my Fisher Price phone … and I still have some of the cars with funny little non limbed people

  2. we have that phone in our house too. They were so well made and even withstood my two hurling them around. Can&#39;t say the same will be true of many of the toys that we have today. <br><br>Looking forward to the rest of the 70s and 80s memory lane experience!

  3. I remember the phone is attached to a bit of string and it wiggles when you pull it.<br><br>I bought one for my nephew a year or two ago and my sister just looked at it unappreciatively.<br><br>However it is now my nephews favourite toy!<br><br>RMxx

  4. I had the phone and the ball with swan etc., too! Did you have the dog with the rotating eyes as well?<br><br>You know what&#39;s funny – you can still buy the phone. I am asking myself if the kids today will figure out what it is.

  5. I can&#39;t believe you still have your old toys, i don&#39;t have anything like that my parents must have chucked them all out….i&#39;m definitely going to be keeping my girls favorite toys though!

  6. I had those toys! How have you kept stuff all this time? Moast of my childhood toys were passed down or got rid of!

  7. I had 3 of the 5! The phone, the people &amp; car and the rolly thingy. We now have an updated phone for Little Miss…almost the same…same dial even! Just slightly modernised. What a great flashback! ;)<br>Karin

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