Words to Teach your Pre-schooler


Obviously I want Toddler boy and Fifi to seem more intelligent than all the other kids. So I have decided that this week I will focus on teaching them the following words;


Currently I am being met with blank looks, but in true school mistress fashion I am persevering. If you looked at me strangely in the playground earlier, well more fool you.

12 thoughts on “Words to Teach your Pre-schooler

  1. Huh<br><br>Good idea.. but I don&#39;t know what they mean, let me just look online.<br><br>Ah, ok got it. <br><br>BNM (English is not my first Language you know!)

  2. I tried to teach ellis &quot;frustrated&quot; today. He repeated it back to me and then I asked if he knew what it meant. He replied, &quot;naughty mama&quot; and pointed at me. In so many ways he was right. <br><br>I have always been slightly disappointed that palindrome isn&#39;t a palindrome.

  3. Oh dear. I don&#39;t even understand two thirds of the words. I don&#39;t mind if little L isn&#39;t that bright. As long as she&#39;s pretty. And if nothing else works – one can always resort to plastic surgery. I am sure they&#39;ll have come far in about 10 years.<br><br>PS: I am being silly tonight. I know. Of course she&#39;ll be bright as bright can get and she&#39;ll outsmart me big time.

  4. Good work Zoo!<br>Our two year old will repeat any word so long as we prefix it with, in a Leslie Phillips voice, &#39;I say…&#39;. We&#39;re proud that our son is able to say dinosaur and aegis, but he still struggles with doggy too!

  5. You should have seen my expression when Max&#39;s best mate explained at 2yrs old that the food goes into your mouth, down your Oesophogas and into your tummy!<br><br>Try pedantic (one of my personal faves)!<br>xxx

  6. Love it :)<br><br>My Mr is determined we should be teaching the LD the ways of Stephen Fry &amp; the QI posse from an early age, so that at school, when teacher states a fact, he&#39;ll be all &#39;actually…&#39; – parents night will be *such* fun! 😛

  7. Just by chance saw your brill blog. I too want intelligent kids . . . have been reading Clare Wood&#39;s &quot;Teach Your Child to Read, Write and Count through Play&quot; . . . it tells you the development stages kids go through when learning to R,W and C. Fascinating but easy.<br><br>Best wishes

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