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Fifi and Toddler boy have to go to the childminders when I go back to work. She is Danish and lovely, she has an even lovelier house which defies the amount of children who go there. Its all wood floors, white walls and cream sofas, like something out of a magazine shoot. Fabulous. Anyhow, the wood flooring poses a little bit of a problem for us as we have carpets and so lounge around in socks and well, feet. I didn’t want an accident on day one, so I have been searching the Internet for options for baby Fifi in particular, as there is no way that she is gonna wear a pair of slippers. Toddler boy, can be bribed (with lollipops)! That was when I came across these Moccis. They are basically little socks with little moccasin fabric soles attached. Being poor, I was wondering if it was worth purchasing a pair, when it came to me. Take Karin’s advice, just ask if you can review them! And that is exactly what I did.

These are the ones I got sent (to keep). They are nicely coloured and match lots of Fifi’s clothes. That’s most important for girls you know! At £18 a pop they are a bit pricey, so I was a bit worried about whether or not they would actually do the job, would she be able to pull them off and would I lose them almost the second I left the house? The answers are as follows;

Yes, they seem to work quite well at preventing her from slipping over whilst pulling herself up to cruise on wooden floors.
Yes, she can pull them off, but it takes an awful lot of effort and determination and no, I haven’t lost them yet…

So, in summary, I think these are actually a really good idea, they are a bit cheaper than proper baby shoes from somewhere like Clarks and I think they are a bit softer for little feet. You can actually machine wash them which is great. They do the job well and I’ve had a lot of admiring comments from different people, including the woman in the shoe shop.


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  1. Garden Mum 19th October 2009 / 9:00 am

    They sell a less expensive version of these at H&M which Garden Girl and Garden Boy have been wearing for the last year and they are fantastic. Garden Girl just used to take her slippers off but these stay on and they aren't slippy like socks. I have been searching for an adult pair for myself, they look so comfy, but haven't found any yet. Do Moccis sell them for adults too?

  2. Catherine Warrilow 19th October 2009 / 11:31 am

    We are huge Moccis fans, devastated that the bear has grown out of his stripey pair, what with my love all all things footwear now being lived out through my children – sad but true, my regular purchasing of Irregular Choice shoes has been replaced by the not so satisfying indulgence of Clarks cruisers – never going to get the pulse racing.<br>Anyway, Moccis are fab, will be decking baby no. 2

  3. Sara aka Ranting Mumla 20th October 2009 / 2:56 pm

    New to commenting on blogs so hope you don&#39;t mind. We have had similar things from Boots (Mini Mode)they cost about £6 or £7. We found them when E started to wear footless pyjamas instead of sleepsuits/babygrows. She wears them in bed to stop her feet getting cold. I love them &amp; would love a pair myself.

  4. Busy Mum 25th November 2009 / 7:47 pm

    I have been on the moccis website and found myself a pair. I must say that now the whole family lives in their moccis. They are very comfy and warm now that it is getting quite cold.

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