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11th October 2009 No Comments

It seems to be known out there in the cyberworld that we have a Wii. This is fab news for us, as we cant afford any games for it, so are a bit limited in what we can play. Luckily for Toddler boy we have Donkey Kong and Mario Karts this provides endless entertainment, even though he cant really play them properly. The other day, I was offered the chance to review and keep Toy Story Mania, the new game for the Wii. I jumped at this, as I thought that finally this might be a game that he can actually do without too much help from us. Alas, at two and a half he is still a little bit young, although he did love watching us play it. There is an interactive clip here on Youtube which shows you exactly what it looks like and gives you an idea of the game.

I have to admit, I missed the whole Toy Story thing, I am just exactly the wrong age, too old to enjoy it as a child, too young to be a parent when it came out. Nonetheless, I am aware of it and its appeal. The characters are all very child friendly and there is an element of humour in there which appeals to parents. I haven’t got any of the other Toy Story games but the bonus of this one seems to be that you can play it in 3- D. Now, that takes me back to the 1980’s when I got a free set of 3-D glasses with look-in magazine. But I digress, the glasses did make a difference to what you were seeing on the screen during the game, but you then lost the colours which are really quite appealing. It’s one of those dilemmas. you can have 3-d or have great colours. To be honest we opted for the colours, especially as you don’t have to sit there with a pair of cardboard glasses on which is frankly a bit of a hindrance to any activity!

As far as the actual game goes, within it are loads of different games, and associated features, quite a few shoot-em ups and a few concentrations type ones. We did enjoy them, although they don’t seem remarkable for anything other than the inclusion of the Toy Story characters and the 3- D gimmick. In terms of ease of play, it seemed easy enough once the game got going, but perhaps this is me being a girl, to get them set up it didn’t seem all that intuitive and I had to resort to asking my Euro-gaming husband who was also flummoxed at one point. But oh, the personal shame, what a computer luddite! You can have 4 players which is great and you can unlock things and compete against each other. All good features.

I reckon this might be a good game for Christmas when you have the family stuck together wondering what to do with 8 hours of ‘family time’.

Anyhow, aside from the brilliant You tube video, there is also this really great website where you can download shed loads of stuff, door hangers, colouring in sheets and so forth. To be honest its proved a bit more popular than the game in our house, but that’s just personal preference. Long may Disney continue to do this sort of website, its a really useful resource!

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