Sleep, SlEeP, SURLEAP, zzzzzzz


Sleep, hahahahahahahah. Whats that then? I did for a brief period around a few months ago have some, but this week I have managed so little that I am having trouble focusing. Therefore lack of quality content here and mmmm, is the text here a bit fuzzy or is that my eyes? I had been looking forward to this month for well, the last 18 months actually, from the moment I discovered I was pregnant with the Fifi baby. I thought to myself that I couldn’t expect her to sleep much at first, but when she comes up to ten months she will sleep through the night. Just like her brother. NAIVETY at its best.

This has been one of the worst weeks ever, what with the vomiting bug, the cold, and hubby’s suspected Swine flu, the baby girl is waking every 30 minutes or so throughout the night from 10 pm onwards. She has been doing that all week, Calpol is no Night Nurse to her, Oh, no, it has no effect. She has been plied with bottles of milk, nappy changes, window open, window shut, cot toys, no cot toys, dummy, no dummy, music, no music. NOTHING WORKS.

On Saturday, I had to attend a Paediatric First Aid course. Brilliant though it was, I did struggle a bit. At one point the tutor was saying something about pale clammy skin and lack of focusing eyes as an indicator of something. He looked directly at me. I felt slightly ashamed, so I volunteered to be put into the recovery position. It was comfortable there on the floor. I didn’t want to get up, ever.

Anyway, I have decided that the only solution for me is to succumb to Nosferatu, I can after all get the childminder to do extra hours during the daytime. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

6 thoughts on “Sleep, SlEeP, SURLEAP, zzzzzzz

  1. I am liking your lying in the recovery position tactic. That sounds like my &quot;Let&#39;s play in your room Kai and mummy will lie on the bed to give you more playing space and pretend to be a sleeping lion…zzz&quot;<br><br>Hope things pick up soon xx

  2. For a moment there I thought you were going to say you passed out during the first aid course. Am glad you didn&#39;t! Made me chuckle though. I feel for you. Lack of sleep is a killer. But you&#39;ll get there (it&#39;s a bad period I&#39;m sure)!! If toddler boy can do it, then so can Fifi xxx

  3. I hope that you and little lady manage some sleep soon. It is terrible that dizzyness that comes when you have had no sleep. I once left the house with my dress on back to front and that was only 3 weeks ago (mine are 3 and 4)!!!!

  4. Poor you, this is bad. Been there at 5 months, and it was a phase, if so a long one (lasted about 4 weeks). I used to blame the teeth… We only got sleep through after tooth no 20 was through. Hope it gets better really soon!

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