Sometimes its More Effort Than its Worth

Halloween! I don’t remember all the fuss when I was a child, although I do recall making a conical black witches hat out of card and a cape out of a bin bag. I also had a rubber bat on a piece of string which I used to have hours of fun flapping about, for years. Anyhow, last year the Little Garden Helpers Mummy and Daddy purchased us a pumpkin which we duly carved for Toddler Boy, who showed some mild level of interest. This year, they were doing lots of things for Garden Girl and Garden Boy. I thought perhaps I should make a bit of an effort. Don’t want the little fella to turn up at pre-school with no knowledge of Halloween even happening mainly because I am a misery and can’t be bothered.

So I carefully cut out lots of bats for Toddler boy to colour and paint and stick on our patio windows. I printed out colouring in sheets. I acquired The Nightmare Before Christmas film. I bought some special orange Halloween fondant fancies to go with his favourite fishchips dinner (MacDonald’s fish finger happy meal) and I went to Sainsbury who had sold out of Pumpkins and then to Waitrose to purchase a rather pricey one.

I tried on several occasions to get Toddler boy to colour or paint the bats and met with resistance. I gave up on the colouring sheets. I tried the film to the response; “Too scare for me”. He enjoyed the Macdonalds and the cakes, well who wouldn’t. Hubby tried to engage him in pumpkin carving, Buzz Lightyear was more fun. I am beginning to think that he has inherited my misery over national celebrations. I can’t help feeling a little bit smug over this.

Hubby carved the pumpkin alone, I stuck the bats to the window. Toddler boy and Fifi went to bed without enjoying anything to do with Halloween. We sit here, enjoying the large packet of mini Bounty chocolate bars we bought in case anyone appeared at the door trick or treating. I’m just off shortly to fashion a cape out of a black bin bag (hard to acquire in these wheely binned times) and then I shall get back on my broomstick to cast more misery over the world. In particular that of my work colleagues, as I make my dramatic return to work on Monday morning at 8.00 am.


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  1. TheMadHouse 31st October 2009 / 9:38 pm

    What can I say, we have done it all before and this is the first year the mini's have been interested. But they have not trick or treated

  2. clareybabble 31st October 2009 / 10:15 pm

    S loved trick or treating last year but as he&#39;s been unwell we gave it a miss tonight…he didn&#39;t miss it!<br>I&#39;ve tagged you over at mine x

  3. Aussie Mum 1st November 2009 / 6:05 am

    Halloween is new to us too but Junior loves any excuse to get dressed up. We didn&#39;t trick or treating but we have sweets for the increasing number of witches and ghosts that knock on our door each year. Good luck with the return to work on Monday … try to enjoy it and don&#39;t worry about your little ones too much.

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