Things happen quickly in the world of baby development and Baby Fifi has turned into a lean mean cruising machine. A little rocket with her baby walker, she flies across the room beaming smiles of happiness at her new independence. She is literally walking on sunshine. There is just one thing, she is utterly frustrated with her lack of ability to turn the walker around and spends much of the day sulking about it. That is until her brother gets involved, then a full scale walker fight begins; “no, mine SHARE” he shouts. I try to intervene; “Err, no actually that’s Fifi’s walker, you don’t need it anymore”. “NO. MINE.SHAAAARE”. There is no arguing with a toddler.

Hence I find myself in a position yet again whereby I cannot walk along, as I inequitably spend most of the day with two children clinging to my leg as a replacement walker. It’s a bit limiting, but unbelievably physically demanding. By seven o’clock I am spent. Yes, I am stupid, but I just did not think that children would be so all encompassingly demanding before I had them. Still, the pride I feel about both of them makes up for it. Apart from when out in public and toddler is tantruming and Fifi is screaming for food that is…

9 thoughts on “Walking

  1. You are so hard on yourself!!! You are NOT stupid. How on earth could you have known that children would be as much work as they are. No one can prepare for the 24-7-365 call on your time and attention that wee kids are.<br><br>Just think. Work is going to seem like a lovely break…

  2. Sweet picture. Funny how we look forward to them being on the move and then realise that it was actually far easier when they stayed where we put them. I agree its a good workout. Although at 7 months pregnant my back could do without the workout…

  3. nore to self: one will do for now!! :)<br><br>well done fifi though- she&#39;s quite right to be all proud of herself 🙂

  4. Bless her, BG has started crusing around. We&#39;ve got one of the plastic walkers and BG has worked out how to push it back the other way, love the wooden ones though . x

  5. Exactly. Who needs the gym. I remember the stage you are in so well. The taking an hour to walk to the end of the road stage. Maddening! Work is defintely a break.

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