Dazed and Confused on the Floor

I’m getting quite good at this lying on the floor feeling really ill, whilst the kids delicately bash my head with toy hammers, Buzz Light-year and other hard plastic implements. Who cares about a the loss of a few more brain cells?

It’s funny, I never thought that having kids was so much about physical and mental endurance. One of my very good friends is in the Navy, they do all sorts of training involving sleeping without sleeping bags in the back of beyond, going on expeditions with about 2 hours sleep and so on. I am firmly of the belief that those people with children must find it a doddle. My patience has been tested to its limits and beyond, I’ve survived sleep deprivation, I have been assaulted on numerous occasional. Does running away with my glasses (I’m incredibly short sighted) count as bullying? I’m still here. I am a survivor.

At the moment, its making work seem a lot more of a brighter prospect. I go there, people are moaning, its somehow very dirty. However, I can have a cup of tea in peace, I can wear my headphones and not engage with others. I can for the most part, get some peace. Yesterday I spent some time doing photography, it was therapeutic not having to keep ask my subject matter to stand still, smile, stop picking their nose. I think I may get used to it. Alternatively I have just lost far too many brain cells to care….

8 thoughts on “Dazed and Confused on the Floor”

  1. Some days I would happily be back at work and let Mr deal with the screaming and poo.<br><br>I hope you feel better soon and that your kids only assault you with soft toys today!

  2. Headphones at work are handsdown the best thing about the last decade. I feel for your Gullivers Travels like assault though!

  3. that&#39;s what they call work life balance. <br>It&#39;s so much more profane than it sounds. When I&#39;m at work I&#39;m happy to have a break from the mad running around, constant screaming and pulling etc, when at home I&#39;m happy about a break from work.<br>Hurray, found some sort of happiness.

  4. Yup, it&#39;s hard work. After bed time, I feel as though I have literally wrestled both my girls into their pyjamas and I Need A Rest!

  5. I can empathise completely with this, although I only have half the number than you have. Am sure I will enjoy being back at work but then I have MORE kids to entertain. Luckily I don&#39;t have to deal with teenage poo though, just the &quot;it&#39;s sooooo unfair, WHY do you have to make us work..?&quot;. Not sure which I&#39;ll prefer actually….

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