Skipping to 100

This is something that they do in Peppa Pig. It’s something that I think should be part of everyone’s daily routine. Yes, I do mean skipping in the great outdoors using a rope. It promotes health and well being through fitness and it would cheer me up no end if I saw my neighbour bouncing up and down over the fence each day. However, for those of you who can’t actually skip to 100, I bet I can (smug, I know). I suggest that you fulfil this little task through the medium of skipping things. If you skip at least 10 things per day I’m sure your day would improve. A few suggestions:

  • The washing up: this is a popular one with university students, and look how happy they are?
  • Brushing your teeth; this might prevent undue contact with other humans
  • Finishing the kids food; good in terms of fat reduction
  • Flushing to loo after a wee; save money & be eco-friendly
  • Making tea for work colleagues; and so it will come to you…
  • Plumping those cushions; pointless
  • Doing a load of washing; it can wait
  • Sorting out those sofa throws; pointless
  • Being the disciplinarian; why is it always you?
  • Getting the children up and dressed; have a rest
  • Eating that chocolate; it will help you get thinner
  • Being so nice to people; why is this essential?
  • Worrying; who cares!

There you go, a few to get you started. Now I’d like to see all you bloggers skipping things, in search of happiness.

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