Teenage Cancer Trust Appeal

One day your children will be teenagers. We all know what that is like.It’s a hard, hormonal challenging time at best. Apparently everyday 6 teenagers in the UK find out that they have cancer. These teenagers get a bit of a raw deal as they are either treated on children’s wards or with the old people. Being in a ward full of old people is rotten, I found this out recently and I’m not even a teenager. The Teenage Cancer Trust is building specialist units in NHS hospitals especially for teenagers with appropriate care and support. I think this is a great thing and it’s something that I am only to happy to promote and support. To be honest there are only about five charities that I would support and this is one, along with Women’s Aid. It just so happens they both have an appeal this week.

Rachel Stevens, who funnily enough went to school with my little sister, is promoting a special necklace that the Teenage Cancer Trust have had designed. The necklace features a long chain and an oversize jewelled flower, is available in all Dune stores and through www.dune.co.uk for £20. All profits will be donated to Teenage Cancer Trust. If you can splash the cash, this might make a good present for someone, or even for yourself. I for one would like one.

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