Telegraph Book Club; The Dog Who Came in From the Cold- Progress So Far!

24th November 2009 No Comments

I’ve been taking part on the Telegraph’s on line book club and have been avidly reading the Dog Who Came in From the Cold. Well, I say avidly, actually I have read a few chapters, got hideously behind read a lot of chapters and now finally I have caught up. I must say, despite my ability to find the time, it’s absolutely riveting reading.

So far, my favourite character has to be Freddie de La Hay. He is one dog who knows where his bread, or more to the point his meat, is buttered. I do hope the Russian takes reasonable care of him especially as he appears to be missing.

What about Roger and Claire? Scoundrels, I’m with Berthea on that one. Fancy trying to take some ones house away, I’m disgusted.

Another of my favourite characters is without a doubt Dee, she is a woman after my own heart. Full of ideas, a Sudoku enhancing vitamin. Pure genius.

I have to admit to not liking some of Alexander MacCall Smith’s previous novels, however, I have really been pleasantly surprised by this one. I am genuinely finding it gripping. The characters are comic, yet serious. I imagine that as the story progresses, their paths may delicately cross in weird and wonderful ways. I can’t wait to read more.

If you have been joining in, please feel free to post y0ur thoughts and comments here.I’d love to know what others think. If you want to join in you can catch up here. Hopefully, I have revealed just enough to tickle your tastebuds!

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