Things That I Specifically Don’t Want for Christmas

Bah Humbug, I could do without Christmas altogether. I am forced to enjoy it for the sake of everyone else. However, if you are thinking that you might like to bestow me with a gift. I would rather have nothing than;
Bubble Bath
Night dress
Books on parenting
CD holders
Small items of make-up and make-up bags

So what would I like?
A new winter coat
Some shoes, I’ve had the same ones for four years
Some nice jewellery
One of several books, I can provide a list
A nice new handbag from somewhere posh

I may well be adding to this list with links, so come back again soon!

5 thoughts on “Things That I Specifically Don’t Want for Christmas”

  1. Great post, can I join in?<br><br>I really don&#39;t want any kind of gadget (last years was an alarm clock – like I need one of those with a toddler?).<br><br>I don&#39;t want the book/CD/DVD that you&#39;ve had your eyes on for a while<br><br>I don&#39;t want sexy underwear – you do.<br><br>I do not want anything for the kitchen, buy me a saucepan and you will be served with divorce papers!<br>

  2. Love it!<br>I&#39;ll admit I&#39;m difficult to buy for. I never have an answer when anyone asks what I want for Christmas. So I suppose I shouldn&#39;t moan when I get cheap bath stuff, lotions, potions and creams. Have they seen my skin though? I get eczema and psoriasis from natural products. I can&#39;t use that multi-coloured, perfumed stuff! <br>And I don&#39;t wear earrings either, why do

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