Toddler Boy and Pre-school

5th November 2009 3 Comments

This week, Toddler boy struck out alone at pre-school. After the disaster of my last attempt to get him started in the world of education I spent 4 sessions sitting with him and trying to get him to realise that he would be fine and all was great. It was, I have to admit, mind- numbingly boring. I couldn’t get involved with any play, didn’t really want to interact with any other children and didn’t want to talk too much to the staff and distract them from their jobs. Still, it has given me a useful insight into what he actually does there. I can report that its all good, although it is a good pre-school based in a school, permanently set up and with an enthusiastic team running it. None of your surly 16 year olds here. I can also report that this seems to have done the trick. Fingers crossed. No tears on arrival or departure and very few during the session. In fact, it has all gone so well that I have no photographs to show, as there has been no fiddling around. Toddler boy simply won’t model his school bag for me in the rush to get there.

I am a bit sad about this, his new found independence is a little bit alien to me. However, its great to see that he is happy there without me and feels secure enough to realise that I will be back. It’s also brilliant that I can now report that, as I am back at work, and he is also going to the childminders there is a lot less television viewing. This can only be a good thing. So in summary; Toddler boy has, I think, actually had one of the best, most tiring weeks of his life, full of activity playing and fun. His mum has to have had one of the worst, full of stress, upset and feelings of rushing about. I’m beginning to think that there is only a certain allocated quota for happiness in the face of stress per family, perhaps this is the doing of the Labour Government. For, at the moment, it seems to be my turn to feel stressed.

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  • Insomniac Mummy 5th November 2009 at 11:40 pm

    I just commented on youe other half&#39;s blog about how we took my son to look around the school nursery he&#39;ll be attending earlier today.<br><br>I&#39;m dreading it. I want him to enjoy it and be cinfident etc but I also don&#39;t want to &#39;lose&#39; my boy.<br><br>This parenting malarkey os blumming hard.

  • Cafe Bebe 7th November 2009 at 12:07 am

    So happy to know that Toddler Boy is doing so well. You have to be happy about that although, I imagine that I would feel like I was obsolete as I am sure I will feel in a few years! <br><br>Congrats on surviving your first week back. <br>:) Karin

  • mummywhisperer 10th November 2009 at 6:26 pm

    So glad he is enjoying it – I too realised that nursery is a hell of a lot more interesting than me!<br><br>So the kids are fine – just the Mummy to sort out ;o) You&#39;ll get your head around it, just give it time to find the best ways to reduce the load xxx

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