A Record of Baby Progress

This year so far;

Toddler boy has;

  • Learnt how to peddle his bike
  • Started to string sentences together
  • Mastered the art of going to school
  • Discovered a love of lollipops and the delights of ‘Fish-Chips’
  • Started eating professionally with cutlery
  • Gone off Bob the Builder, gone through Fireman Sam and out the other side to Buzz Lightyear
  • Loved his Spiderman socks
  • Swam in the sea with his Daddy
  • Broken his foot

Fifi has;

  • Grown two teeth
  • Crawled, cruised and taken a few independent steps
  • Discovered the joy of blueberries, breadsticks and FOOD!
  • Learnt how to say ‘mamma, dadda, cat’
  • Worked out how to brush hair
  • Learnt how to straddle the trike
  • Enjoyed lots of books
  • Not slept very much
  • Loved her dummies
  • Been to the beach
  • Camped for the first time

Neither has realised;
Just how very very much their mummy and daddy love them and think the world of them. Now, the purpose of this is to see how they progress between now and the New Year!

4 thoughts on “A Record of Baby Progress”

  1. Do you mean to see how the parents progress, or the kids, or both!<br><br>We went home to the sea at the weekend – see where home is on my other blog (via link on main one)

  2. It&#39;s amazing when you look back just what they do in a short space of time isn&#39;t it. It seems like only yesterday Little Miss A was a baby.

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