No Longer Mummy


So now I am not called ‘mummy’, despite my best efforts my little boy is calling me by my name. What to do on this one? I like being called mummy, its one of the perks of the job. In the outside world people might not think he belongs to me, except he looks like me. It is a little bit strange though, a bit sort of post modern in an ‘I’m trying to be cool with my kids’ kind of way. Except I’m not. I like being mummy. I don’t approve of modern new fangled ideas such as this. I will be campaigning to have my status restored henceforth. I blame the parents.

8 thoughts on “No Longer Mummy

  1. Don't- having spent the 18 months of PD's life refering to myself as Mamma, she yesterday called me Mammy incessantly. Today, I am "No!", so I think I preferred yesterday's…..

  2. when Snaffles does that i just dont answer to it. If he wants my attention he soon realises he has to call me "mummy"

  3. I'm sure it's a phase – the boy only does it now when we're not giving him the attention he wants or when he's just being particularly cheeky.

  4. I think it's funny. My girl knows she can tease me with my first name or even aunty S – too much time spent with nephew who obviously calls me auntie S. They get it all confused sometimes – so in one minute I may be auntie to my daughter and mummy to my nephew. I would not react if it bothers you – and it might just be a phase.

  5. Junior alternates between calling Hubby and I by our names or mummy and daddy (either is fine with me because I could think of lots of worse things to be called). A few months ago it was mum and dad (not sure where that came from)but that seems to have disappeared now. However, whenever he is sick it is always his mummy he asks for!

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