Review; A Toddler’s Dictionary

Forgive me, for I have been a slightly bad reviewer, the lovely Iveta of the fab website Mums Like You and Twitter friend of mine asked me to review this booklet that she co-produced. Its been sitting there waiting in the inbox and at the back of my mind, somehow one of those things that I haven’t managed to get around to doing. It wasn’t because I didn’t think it important, it was more that I have been incredibly busy at work…

Anyhow, the Toddler Dictionary is the result of the Totspeak competition that ran on the Mums Like You website and Twitter. Iveta, along with Sarah of Mothers of Innovation, Antonia Chitty (who I have also had the pleasure to meet) and Bliss, the premature baby charity, have collated 200 words used by toddlers and put them into this little printed booklet which is available to buy for a measly £1.99. I feel like I should just tell you to go and buy it and see what you think yourselves really, a good cause and all. However, I was asked to review it, so I had better do as I am told, lest feel the wrath of at least three very savvy women!

I should point out that this is not a dictionary for toddlers, rather it’s a useful interpretation guide for adults. You know what? I thought it was just the sweetest, cutest little book I have seen in a long time. It made me laugh, it made me think about my own children and the funny things they say and it really bought to mind just how important it is to cherish childhood and enjoy those silly words. I urge you to get a copy, for once you really cant go wrong. Now it’s time for me to leave the pooter and go get a dink…


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