Review: Phil & and Teds Traveller Travel Cot

7th December 2009 No Comments

The Phil & Teds Traveller™ cot is a remarkable product. It’s a supremely light compact, sturdy travel cot. You can see more details about the specifications here

When the traveller arrived I was really amazed. It came in the smallest box I have ever seen for a travel cot. It was also the lightest. The idea is that it will fit into the pushchair tray. From two years experience of lugging a bulky heavy travel cot around, I can’t tell you how fantastic this feature alone is, as it means that you can actually move it about fairly easily. If you happen to travel by public transport, you won’t be weighed down as it weights only 5.5 llb!

I quickly decided to construct it and so attempted to do so with two children trying to help. I have to admit that I failed. It was not so easy under these circumstances and not having done it before, I personally did not find it intuitive. However, I think it is one of those things that once you have done it once, it’s really quick and easy to do again. The hubby, unassisted or, unhindered by children, constructed the cot in a matter of seconds. The long sides are constructed of two pieces that click together, which means when you pack it away, the bag is a lot shorter than other travel cots, which makes it much more versatile when it comes to wedging it in the boot or shoving it in the bottom of a wardrobe.

The traveller is a unique cot as far as I am aware. It has special feet, which have holes which enable you to peg it down if you are camping and a roof which zips on. That means that in the hot summer months it is actually possible to use it to sleep outside. We loved this; it also made it a really fun playpen as it can effectively be used as a little den. Toddler boy loves it. It also looks funky rather than clunky!

In terms of space, it is neatly compact, whilst providing a good sleeping space. In fact, Toddler boy at 2.5 could happily and comfortably sleep in it. The self-inflating insulating mattress is also a brilliant idea.

Unfortunately for us, we have to pass it onto a charity immediately as Phil & Teds gift their review items to charity However, we think it is so good we are actually going to buy one. You can’t get a more highly recommended product than that. Fabulous, if you want a travel cot, this is the one to buy.

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