Wet and Cold at Whipsnade

I find it totally impossible to go shopping with Sam and Sophie in tow. What is required is a mixture of speed and stealth, planned with the utmost precision. That means that sale shopping is pretty much a no-no. Sam even tried to sell himself in the window of Gap in Cambridge the other day…

Therefore, we decided to brave the snowy sleet of the Dunstable Downs, one of the coldest places in the UK and visit the Zoo. Whipsnade is brilliant this time of year as there are hardly any visitors and you can drive around for free! We discovered the last remaining living Turkeys in the UK and Sam was frightened of some sheep. Just another day in my glamorous life!

4 thoughts on “Wet and Cold at Whipsnade”

  1. I'm surprised there are any living turkeys left in the UK after last Friday! Whi[snade's a great idea but I'm not sure I'd have been able to brave it in this weather.

  2. Shopping with children is a total no no! It always ends in tears (mostly my own). Was thinking about Whipsnade as well – such a good idea. x

  3. I love Whipsnade but it can be so cold up there (and its on the way to my parents so we always get to wave the penguins &amp; say g&#39;day to the wallabies!)<br><br>I don&#39;t shop with children – I use the internet or not at all

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