With Regards to Christmas I am a Bad Mummy

Lots and lots of blogger friends are regaling us with their Christmas craft activities and tips. The ability to do lots of crafts with children seems to be part and parcel of being a good mummy at Christmas time. Now, can I just say that I am not one to shy away from craft activities, usually we do plenty of them. However, in the past few weeks I have been so incredibly busy, the sum total of my activities has been to make some little salt dough Christmas trees. I did attempt a bit of card making, but Toddler boy wanted to watch Buzz Light year for the millionth time and Fifi wanted to eat the paint, so I gave up.

It was three days after the start of advent when I managed to acquire an advent calender, I did intend to print out some little Christmas themed drawings and pop one in each stocking. I haven’t got around to that yet, so they are filled up with Celebration chocolates. I have managed to hang up some decorations that childminder made with the kids. This is major progress. We had all good intentions to acquire a tree on Sunday, but we couldn’t make up our mind. Then the kids got tired and so that has been postponed. The thought of a big dusty thing taking up space in my living room doesn’t fill me with the greatest sense of glee anyhow.

Part of it is that I don’t much like Christmas and I am forcing myself to get into the spirit, part of it is that I am just too busy now I am back at work. The other part, well to be honest I can’t be bothered. I’m sure that I am not alone in this. So please, join me in listing your bad Christmas Mummy credentials.

10 thoughts on “With Regards to Christmas I am a Bad Mummy”

  1. Welcome to the world of the working Mum! I went through a whole summer without a making Max a picnic 2yrs ago :o( But this year, I got my year sorted, prioritised things, got work/life/fun more compartmentalised and managed several little picnics. They won't come back to you at 40 and complain that you weren't able to make lots of christmas decorations this year – so don't worry

  2. I did more crafting with Little Miss A for Halloween than I have managed for Xmas so far. We can't do it all all of the time.

  3. I try, but fail. I am now opportunistic – Child does seasonal drawing – it is grabbed and scanned for cards…Although I am trying to get them to make decorations for christmas presents this year- wish me luck

  4. I don't think anyone should feel bad about othr people's blog posts. I love crafting and sharing things I've made- I'm still 5 at heart it's like major show and tell!!…BUT I haven't done any laundry since about 2 weeks ago and I ate my dinner straight out of the pan last night because the thought of any more washing up filled me with dread. You can't do everything

  5. I am the first to admit that sometimes it can be hard juggling too children, especially when they are at different stages.<br><br>There is not right or wrong way to mother and the main thing is that we dont get stressed about it. <br><br>It is all about balance, my two like to craft, bake, make etc. They ask too, but they also like the wii, leapster and the park too.<br><br>So this doesn&#39;t

  6. LOL! I do bake at christmas, but don&#39;t do much craft. Don&#39;t feel guilty – do what you enjoy doing. If you get christmassy by leaping around in the kitchen to Jingle Bells then that will get the kids as excited as making decorations. Do what you do best – sod the rest!

  7. I have not done anything with the girls this year as yet.<br>Though after watching Kirstie&#39;s Homemade Xmas last night I may(please note this is only a may) make some salt dough. <br>BNM

  8. oh dear – I forgot to get an advent calendar and had to do frantic searching, I was supposed to make mincemeat (but didn&#39;t) and haven&#39;t yet baked a mince pie – does that qualify me for a naughty mummy at Christmas badge?

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