I’m Not Very Good at Potty Training

The title says it all, apathy fear of ruining carpets and sofa’s and the EFFORT involved has lead to several half-hearted attempts. Needless to say, I have read the books, looked at the signs and tried all manner of bribery. I think Toddler Boy feels pretty much the same as me, he is dry at night and perfectly capable of pulling pants up and down. In fact, he actually puts his nappy on and off for me. However, he simply WILL NOT use a potty of any description, in fact, on one occasion he actually stood next to the potty wearing his super hero pants, told me he needed to go and wee’ed next to the potty.

Helen who runs BabyKind has attempted to help by sending me a Weeman Mini Urinal. Toddler boy is fascinated by this, unfortunately his dad can’t directly demonstrate it, due to the potential splash back! However, it has been the thing that he has shown the most interest in, so I have my fingers crossed. So far, I have also purchased the Fisher Price Royal Potty, a Mothercare toiler trainer seat and a Baby Bjorn potty, I’m quite enjoying the shopping! I’m not enjoying tripping over all the paraphenalia every time I go to the toilet

Questions then, how do you get a Toddler who is capable but is not silly/ does not want to put in the effort to Potty Train? Bribery seems to have little effect…


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