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5th February 2010 1 Comment

Blogging friend and frankly inspirational woman Lisa, aka The Mummy Whisperer has tagged me in the ‘You’re Welcome’ meme. This one was started by another blogging friend of mine, Sally from Who’s the Mummy blog, who is frankly superhuman in her ability to juggle balls/ blogs.

As Lisa so rightly notes, I have struggled a bit with the growth of the mummy blogging world and its cliques and communities. You see, the thing is I am never all that keen on being stuck in a room full of people all with the same interest. I find it supremely boring in the real and virtual world. I am just not interested in reading a hundred different interpretations of the same thing. So shoot me. I really cannot understand the need for people to form cliques and groups with those that they haven’t even met in the real world. Within all this, I think it breeds competitiveness in myself and others.

I am also not great at dealing with conflict and this seems to flare up periodically in the mummy blogging world. Frankly, I cant be bothered to deal with it, so when I get drawn into it, I can be quite abrupt. I then tend to think about it and analyse it and get no-where, and do nothing, yet usually by my lack-lustre efforts, somehow supremely annoy the other party. So perhaps i’m actually good at it. I would say that I think the approach that I take is rather a male one, in fact I know it is. This is without doubt the result of working with men for years and years. Perhaps a good approach on-line, afterall it was men who pioneered internet forums!

I have tried quite hard to distance myself a bit from the mummy blogging community during the last year. It is quite hard given the title of this blog though. I also find that I am reading more and more craft blogs. For me this is a good thing and my virtual life has been better for it.

So anyhow, I’m supposed to tag three blogger’s who I think are great at community building and blogging and recommend some new blogs to them. I am slightly changing this to blogger’s who I think are great and these people are:
Daddacool: He’s my hubby and is great
Mummy do that: Always a fab read
Aussie Mummy: My former colleague and Australian friend

So anyway, new blogs that I think you should visit:

1: Little Garden Helpers, my friend Jenni’s blog. This is a delightful record of the journey that she is taking in trying to become self suffient in vegetables and garden with children.

2. Indietutes I’ve been looking at this more and more recently, its full of lots of great sewing ideas.

3. Frog blog by Frog in the Field. Frog (Caroline) is a twitter friend of mine and a real life friend of Dulwich Mum. I love reading about her life and she often makes me laugh!

The rules (lifted directly from Mummy Whisperer)

  • Everyone: Visit the new blogs I’ve introduced you to. If you like them, subscribe!
  • The blogs I tagged: Recommend three new blogs you’ve discovered and loved
  • The blogs I tagged: Tag three other bloggers and ask them for three new blog reads on the meme of ‘Your welcome’.
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  • MuddynoSugar 7th February 2010 at 10:26 am

    Know what you mean about the Mummy Blogger tag. If anything, I try not to blog about the kids…!

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