Review: Cosatto You2 Twin Stroller

One of the problems with having two babies quite close in age is transporting them around. When you have twins, you know where you are, you can buy the appropriate pushchair right at the start. When you have two in as many years you get into the realms of buying additional pushchairs. Lets face it, as nice as it is to carry your baby around in a sling, it’s not all that easy to sort out a toddler with a baby in a sling attached to you and you can bet your bottom dollar that as soon as you get just far enough away from the house without a pushchair (if you go down the walking route) to make it unfeasible to go and get the pushchair, your toddler will sit down and refuse to walk. Unless you are a superhuman mummy capable of growing multiple arms, it is a lot easier to just get a double buggy.

When buying a double buggy you can either go down the route of double decker or side by side. I went down the double decker route which is great for shopping. However, now the baby is bigger she likes to see where she is going and really doesn’t like going in the bottom deck. Hence I can now see the value of a side by side buggy/ stroller.

Fortunately for me the lovely bods at Cosatto took pity on me and asked me to review the You2 Twin stroller. This is a funky stroller that comes in a variety of colours to match your babies. We got a boy/ girl one. It has a pink seat and cosy toes for the girl and the blue equivalent for a boy. It is striking and I was initially interested to see what people made of it. However, it seemed to elicit lots of kind comments from people in the street some who even asked me for more information about it. I am told that Jemma Kidd has one. Finally, I’m part of the trendy set. You can find all the technical specifications here

The You2 buggy comes really well equipped with bottle warmers, the loveliest fleecy cosy toes and a raincover. The raincover is easy to use and the bottle warmers hang from the frame of the pushchair. The cosy toes are fantastic quality, the best that I have come across. The only criticism of them is that they are a little bit small, baby Fifi at 1 year old is just about getting to the age when it will soon be a bit small and toddler boy can’t fit into his comfortably.

In terms of maneuvering the buggy, it’s surprisingly easy to move. In terms of the width of it is only 10 cm wider than my Phil and Teds. However this does come at a cost, the widths of the seats are a little bit smaller than in your standard buggy and Toddler boy at 2.5 years is a little bit squashed in his. However, the fact that he can hold hands with his sister outweighs this for him at the moment.

Weight wise, all double buggies seem to be quite heavy and this is no exception. I have to admit, I do find it quite a struggle to get this into the boot of the Zafira. It’s not easiest to maneuver and it takes up a lot of space. However it’s really great for folding and putting in the porch.

The umbrella fold of the buggy makes it quick and simple to put up and down and far less fiddly than most standard pushchairs. This is a really good feature when you are trying to manage two children!

The other brilliant feature is the shopping basket, it’s essentially double that of a standard stroller. Fab! I love this. The double decker style buggies often seem to put the feet of the second baby in the shopping basket. This has caused me no end of aggravation at the supermarket. No issues like this with the You2, take it to the supermarket and spend with freedom.

In terms of quality, theYou2 is really impressive. This is a well made, sturdy pushchair which looks to me that it will last and last. It doesn’t have pneumatic tyres so no incidents of punctures (this is a very good thing) and the wheels are easy to replace/ repair. I can’t fault this.

It’s also great for hubby. He’s well over 6 feet tall and has trouble with all our other buggies because he has to stoop and the handles are too close to the back of the buggy, which means he has to take a short shuffling gait to avoid kicking the back. However, with the Cosatto the handles are further apart which reduces the stoop and he doesn’t seem to kick the back either. Out of all the buggies he’s pushed, this is by far his favourite.

All in all, this buggy represents really great value for money. If you are looking for a funky, unusual, well- made double stroller then I cannot recommend this one highly enough!

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