Aw Gawd; Its a Midlife Crisis


Over the past few weeks I have come to the conclusion that I must be having a midlife crisis. Early, granted, but then men can have them early so why can’t women? These are the factors;

  • A desire to have more children, purely because I probably can’t for a number of reasons
  • A desire to completely revamp my wardrobe into slightly more glamorous less practical items, most of which I wore ‘last time around’
  • The desire to do something MORE with my life
  • An inability to look in the mirror without seeing an old, fat hag
  • The feeling of slight embarrassment every time I step into my sensible car
  • A need to be contrary and argumentative about the silliest things
  • The taking of every opportunity to avoid my in-laws
  • A feeling of life passing me by
  • A desire to relive my youth, go out clubbing etc etc

Is this how men feel all the time?

12 thoughts on “Aw Gawd; Its a Midlife Crisis

  1. I think not a mid life crisis, but an attack of the blahs and a need to do something DIFFERENT! I get these crises quite regularly. Hope you resolve it soon though. x

  2. I don't know if men feel like that all the time. But if these are the symptoms of a midlife crisis, I might be having one as well. So. Now. When do we go out shopping for these 8-inches killer heels?

  3. Its those senisble shoes – you need ones with heels and flowers and glitter on and you need to spend obscene amounts at the hairdresser and then you will feel happier xxxx

  4. Totally normal – I&#39;ve found myself contemplating an extra hole in my ear …<br /><br />And you aren&#39;t fat or frumpy and avoiding the in laws is NORMAL

  5. Not a mid-life crisis, a No Life Crisis. Happens to all mums on a regular basis, I think. Hang in there. This too shall pass. And then you can have a real mid-life crisis and get yourself a blonde, a sportscar and some hair extensions.

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