Guest Review: Pink Lining Change Bags

My sister, auntie J. is a bag fanatic, there are few people who have as much experience with bags, so we thought it only fair that she wrote this review for me!

There are some things in life which can make a girl grin ear to ear, for some it’s chocolate, for others shoes, but for me it will always be bags. A good bag makes me smile, and the new range of change bags from Pink Lining has not only made me smile but also made me coo.

It has pockets! As I explained to baby and husband who were clearly not listening, and lots of useful ones at that: ones for me things (keys and phone and money) and plenty of useful compartments for nappies, changes of clothes and those bits of coloured plastic aka toys. This bag in particular has a special bit for wet babygrows which you can just zip shut and rest assured that your not going to plunge your hand in and go ewww. It has 2 insulated pockets which fit your bottles in and plenty of space inside for everything you and baby needs. It even comes complete with a matching changing mat. Least we not forget the handy little mirror, these pink lining people have thought of everything.

I’m smitten with it, it makes my black pram look less dull and it’s waterproof (for some reason I didn’t expect that, probably because it looks like canvas in the photograph). I road tested the Blooming Gorgeous in blue and I do have to say it is blooming marvelous. But then I like bags, I love the vintage shape and pattern and i need lots of pockets for things. I probably wouldn’t want to buy the smaller version as this is just the right size, but then i do tend to take the kitchen sink with me whenever I leave the house.

Other mums like it too, I have had lots of compliments and have started smiling at other mums with a pink lining bag. So far, I have yet to see one that I don’t like and although mine is clearly still new, other ones I have seen out in the town are not looking battered and miserable so they must be sturdy.

Finally, just in case you think I am being biased, as I clearly love this bag. The husband, who when I sent him a link seemed quite horrified that he would be subjected to such a blatant feminine changing bag on his rare trips out alone after using the bag, suddenly came out with ‘where can you buy this, I’ve suggested my mate gets one for his wife’. High praise indeed, and in case you are wondering where you can get one you can buy directly from Pink Lining, John Lewis and independent baby stores up and down the country.


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  1. Jo 30th March 2010 / 9:51 pm

    My pink lining bag has been going strong for two years now and I love it. I became a mummy to my eldest two when they were 6 months old and I didn&#39;t get to do any of the preparing that you might do when becoming a mummy naturally. Buying that change bag was a massive moment for me as it was the first bit of baby equipment I actually got to choose. <br /><br />It has withstood my over packing

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