Lambing Live Versus One Born Every Minute

Currently on British television are two programmes about giving birth. One features sheep, one features humans. Yes, there is some confusion in this household too. It has been interesting to watch the programmes, amazing to see the similarities between humans and sheep. Sometimes lambs need bottle feeding and they can be rejected by their mothers. Both have ultrasounds, both wear woolly jumpers in winter.

Lambs clearly give birth a lot more easily than humans. No, I mean a lot more easily. Two births have stuck in my mind from the One Born Every Minute programme; the girl who was on her fifth baby, which literally just popped out and the girl who was screaming blue murder when she was about 1 mm dilated. Lambs don’t do this. It would be disturbing if they did.

I recall that during my university Anatomy course we were told something about the modification of the pelvis as a result of upright walking causing all the pain in birth. Why is it then, that some people make more of a fuss/ its far more painful, than for others? My thought is that mind over matter has a lot to do with it, I could be wrong. Perhaps some of us walk more funny than others and have weirder shaped pelvis’. High heels can disguise anything.

So anyway, what makes a better birthing programme; lambs or humans? In terms of ability to eat dinner whilst watching, it has to be lambs, in terms or voyeurism it has to be humans. Both have been great television. One has a special poignancy for me; Lambs have a nice life, just not a very long one, sob.


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  1. Josie @Sleep is for the Weak 11th March 2010 / 8:57 pm

    I'm just going to avoid both. Dilating in any form is not really what I'm after from my TV viewing!

  2. littledude's mummy 11th March 2010 / 11:00 pm

    I&#39;m with Josie – I caught 5 mins of the human one &amp; ran away screaming, and I&#39;ve seen a real life lamb being born – weren&#39;t pretty!<br /><br />Sheep are definitely more chilled though. And cows. They&#39;re just all &#39;moo&#39; …plop. oh look, a calf, best lick it clean.<br />Jammy cows. And sheep.

  3. Glowstars 12th March 2010 / 2:28 pm

    I find it addictive viewing (although the husband doesn&#39;t agree with me). Lambing live would be better though if it weren&#39;t live.

  4. Kris 12th March 2010 / 4:55 pm

    My cleaning lady and I are both pregnant and we were discussing one born every minute. I can&#39;t watch it because I just can&#39;t stand seeing babies in distress, and she can&#39;t watch it because she can&#39;t bear to see women in pain…<br />Funny we&#39;re so squeamish as I&#39;m on no 4 and she&#39;s on no 5, you&#39;d think we&#39;d be used to it!<br />Maybe we should try the lambs 🙂

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