Review: Babies Go…. Coldplay, Abba, The Beatles and more!

I have to admit to being a slight music snob and very skeptical about things marketed as suitable for babies. Normally you get dreary nursery rhymes sung by bonkers ‘earth mother’ type women and happy clappy men. I should know, we have lots of this genre. However, the Babies Go series of CD’s is something else. A selection of lullaby’s based on your favourite pop songs. Discovered by a music producer whilst visiting Argentina, these are really beautiful orchestral versions of your favourite songs.

At first play, the hubby said; ‘that’s just lift music re-branded’. I could see his point, but I loved it and so did the kids. So we made him listen to Coldplay (whilst we sang along), the Beatles and Michael Jackson in the confinement of the car. They were all fab. The children nodded off and the music was still listenable!

When famous archaeologist Richard Leaky discovered his Australopithecine fossil which was pivotal in the development of theories about human evolution, in the middle of the African Plains, they happened to be playing ‘Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.’ Hence its popular name ‘Lucy’. I can’t help but wonder what would have happened if they had been playing the Babies Go version? Maybe they would all have been so calm and relaxed that they wouldn’t have spotted it? The whole of theory human evolution could have been influenced. And speaking of being influenced, the Cd’s have definitely had an impacted on our daily life; Toddler boy is going off to sleep with Babies Go Abba and I have been enjoying rare quiet moments of relaxation to Babies Go Coldplay.

So there you have it, I like them, the kids do and they will keep you in nice calming, relaxing background music for years, as well as providing a fab talking point at dinner parties. What are you waiting for? Go see which ones you fancy...


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  1. The Dotterel 27th March 2010 / 2:04 pm

    Never come across them before, but they sound cool… wonder if there's a 'Babies Go Jake Thackray'?

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