The Alternative Easter Egg Review; Tomy Micro Pets-i

It’s not quite Easter and we are already swamped with an avalanche of chocolate eggs. In fact, so many that I have been subtly snacking on them now and then. They won’t be missed and I don’t have any space in my kitchen, I’m doing everyone a favour.

Tomy have the answer to this conundrum in the shape of these really cute little toys. Activated by their little ball or your finger they do all sorts of cute activities. They walk along, sing, chase their ball or talk to another one from the range. I know this as I got sent two, one for each of my kids.

In reality, I think that my two are a bit too small for these. This isn’t surprising as they are actually toys for age 6 and above which I think is a perfect age. Toddler boy does love his one, he carries it around talking to it, and tries and fails with his heavy handedness to get it to do things. Lets face it, yes, I have stolen Fifi’s. It’s a brilliant little distraction for dull moments at my desk at work and helps to brighten my day. There you have it- an executive use! Can I suggest that they would be a great alternative to a real pet or in fact, an alternative to an Easter egg for dieting mummies. Oh, and that’s as well as being a nice gift for any 6 year old girls going on forty that you know. You can buy one for £9.99 here.


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