Blooming heck; some thoughts about sewing

25th April 2010 4 Comments

I have been sewing on and off for years and years. I think I first started when I was about eight. Back then I wasn’t very successful, I was much better at knitting. However, in recent years I have really begun to get bitten by the sewing bug. I like the fact that it can be fairly instant. It doesn’t take more than about 30 minutes at most to knock up a simple bag, bib, pyjama bottoms. Instant results and the satisfaction that your child is not wearing something produced by another child. I also love the fact that you can produce something uniquely individual to them, something that mirrors their tastes, styles and lifestyles.

I have found that sewing is something that, if you are self taught, you can really improve through practice: looking at how to do things on blogs, studying how clothes you have bought yourself are constructed and through reading. Although it’s creative, it’s also accessible. Believe me, if I can do it, I am sure you would be able to.

Where to start? Well, DO NOT under any circumstance attempt to make some baby bloomers. These are incredibly hard to get right. I would suggest a really simple bag, or some Pyjama bottoms (mastering how to make these will save you a fortune over the years), a simple shift dress or pinafore dress is fairly easy. And if all else fails, have a go at making some simple rag dolls. It sounds silly but make sure you use fabric that you like, this will increase your satisfaction by ten times! I’ll try and write a few tutorials for these over the next few weeks and maybe a vlog.

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  • cartside 25th April 2010 at 2:39 pm

    oh looking forward to the tutorials! My sewing machine is out but I'm still more than reluctant to give it a go, so worried to mess it all up (although I have made things under instruction and should be able to do it).

  • Pippa 27th April 2010 at 12:15 pm

    I made a great little romper suit thing when I was at school, (more yrs ago than I care to remember now) but in more recent time the only things I&#39;ve sown were two oversized xmas stockings for my two little ones. The first I stiched by hand because I was afraid of the machine. Looking forward to the tutorials, I might even give clothes making another go. <br />Cheers

  • Kelly 1st May 2010 at 1:28 pm

    I&#39;ve not yet been brave enough to make clothes, although I make playmats &amp; teacosies &amp; bags and things. <br /><br />I would like to try and make Piran some pyjama bottoms so look forward to a tutorial for those.

  • Muddling Along Mummy 11th May 2010 at 1:13 pm

    I&#39;m looking forward to these – I am still wrestling with getting mine set up (not enough hours in the day) but I want to make some curtains for the wendy house as a first project!

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