Inspired Ideas or Children are the Mother of all Invention

One of the benefits with having children is the opportunity for many more inspired ideas. Don’t get me wrong, being the genius that I am, I have always been a fountain of invention all of which I can proudly say have come to nothing. However, with kids I have surpassed myself. I have lost count of the number on inventions that have been inspired.

Take for example, the problem of cot bumper suffocation. This worried me with Toddler boy, so, I used cellular cotton blankets tied to the cot to cushion his little head from the hard, hard wooden cot bars. Recently, there was the issue of the patio doors (subject of last weeks blog). Solved with the use of bench clamps. I’ve had the problem of nappies floating around my bag and getting ruined, yes funnily enough this was solved with a bespoke handmade nappy bag to place inside my nappy bag. There are many more gems.

However, a few issues remain unsolved. How to remove the juice stains from the carpet in an ecologically, child safe way. Efficient storage of toys, the issue of smelly washing machine (yes, this is ever so slightly tongue in cheek as I am aware of the product) and how to be a stay at home mum without compromising lifestyle.

If you have answers to any of the above, or in fact solutions to other parenting woes, then please leave a comment below. Not only will you be helping me, you’ll be helping the whole Word Wide Web (if they find my blog that is).


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  1. TheMadHouse 19th April 2010 / 7:26 am

    Washing machine, hotwash with vinigar and bicarb always helps.<br /><br />Cant help on the SAHM front though, we cant afford it, but I can not find a job.

  2. Metropolitan Mum 19th April 2010 / 4:45 pm

    Did I miss something? Did you say bye bye to the museum folks? <br />On the washing machine front: always leave the door open and wipe clean the rubber ring. I found that that&#39;s where the smell develops.<br />x D

  3. Heather 20th April 2010 / 5:52 pm

    I would like someone to invent a way of keeping them in bed once you put them there. Perhaps a sort of tuperware lid for the cot once they learn to climb out…

  4. angelsandurchinsblog 24th April 2010 / 8:52 am

    Basket on the stairs that you put stuff in on passing that needs to go up the stairs. Ditto one for post so that it&#39;s all in one place (even if some of it never gets opened!). Buy an oven sheet from Lakeland to put in the grill pan, so that you never have to scrub again. This also makes the oven smell less bad. And I have been known to dust with a wet wipe (not after it&#39;s been used for

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