Review; BornFree Bottles

When I was approached by GreenKiddie which is a really great website about Green Parenting to try some BornFree bottles with Fifi. I was a bit skeptical, she is not a baby anymore and I am trying to wean her off them (in my usual haphazard not very determined manner). I have also grown quite attached to the Tommy Tippee ones we use. However, they are all knackered and I’m too mean to buy new ones. I have an open mind and I was quite interested to see what all the hype was about.

A few weeks later and we now use the bottles in preference to our Tommy Tippee’s. I am surprised. But they are actually really great for Fifi. Why? Well, she can hold them easily due to their shape and they seem to provide the sort of flow that she needs at her age. She actually points to them over her old bottles.

What exactly is so good about them? Well, they are made from a Bisphenol- A free plastic, this is important as it has been found to leach into foods and mimic human hormones- yuck! The valve has also apparently been proven to help reduce the potential for colic and ear infection. They say that you don’t get any leaks either. So that’s all good. For us though, it was simply that they were a great shape and size. The plastic feels nice and they fit well into the pockets in my change bag. I like the idea that they are free of nasty chemicals, this is quite a selling point for me as I have tried hard to give them a fairly environmentally and ecologically sound, chemical free life.

I have to admit, I remain sightly unconvinced about how I would have found them when Fifi was a tiny baby. This is because there are a lot of parts to them compared to some other bottles. The valve is a bit fiddly and needs to be inserted into the bottle after the water/ milk and before the teat. I don’t think I could have managed this in the middle of the night with a screaming baby. But that might just be me. I also am a little unsure about how you would put it together after sterilising without man-handling it. This doesn’t matter for us, as Fifi doesn’t require her bottles to be sterilised anymore.

All in all, if you are unhappy with your current bottles or just starting out, then these ones are definitely worth a try. You can buy them from their website or Boots. I’m going to buy some of their training cups, a review of these will follow!


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