Review; Walt Disney’s Dumbo on Blu-Ray

One of my real pleasures in life is to sit down on the sofa with Toddler Boy snuggle up together and watch a film. I usually end up watching one of four or five favourite films; the Toy Story movies, the Tinkerbell movies and Thunderbirds. Four out of five are decent films, I’ll leave you to guess which one makes me cringe! I am on a quest to get him to fall in love with some other films and with Dumbo I think I may have achieved my goal.

We were lucky enough to be given Dumbo on Blu-ray. The quality is superb and you get a selection of extra’s which makes your purchase more than worthwhile.

Dumbo is a film of my childhood, coincidentally, it was one of my fathers favourite childhood movies. I love the basic innocence of Dumbo in the face of all sorts of cruelty. It’s a movie that can help your children begin to understand their emotions and develop their skills of empathy. It will make you laugh, it will make you cry and for a film first released in 1941 it holds its own. The pink elephants sequence is a movie history classic. Dumbo is not a long film, so is suitable for even the most easily distracted little ones. If you want to build up a library of classic films for your children then this should be in there.


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  1. The Zhush 5th April 2010 / 9:26 pm

    Oh my gosh! just got a blu ray today…AND Dumbo is one of my FAVES!

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