The Human Whirlwind

The other day I was sitting down with my friend having a cup of tea and watching the children play/ fight. Fifi wandered over to my friend holding a plastic dinosaur and said ‘look! Triceratops’. We discussed it, and came to the conclusion that this was not imagination. Since our holiday something has changed inside Fifi, not only has she become more confident in her play with her brother, her vocabulary has improved and perhaps most noticeably, she has become a lot naughtier.

This is a problem as she is clearly the ring leader in the games between her and Toddler Boy and all sorts of naughtiness is happening. Disciplining her is hard for lets not forget she is under a year and a half! The naughty step/ time out/ withdrawal methods simply don’t work, she is too little and anyway there are two of them to deal with which makes it a lot harder.

The main issues at the moment revolve around violence and climbing.

The dining room table surface is the most attractive place for a small toddler to visit. When I am not looking the chairs are edged away from the table with enough space to enable them to perform the function of a ladder. The manoeuvre from floor to table can take under a minute. There is no solution to this one as we have a through lounge and sometime, not often, but sometimes I am needed for a short period of time elsewhere (postman, toilet, to put the fish-fingers in the oven etc).

The back of the sofa is another attractive place. It is one of toddler boys favourite places in which to attempt death dives and he has shown his little sister the precise way of reaching this hallowed place. Fortunately they both seem to hesitate for a minute or so before launching off the back onto the carpet.

The game of ‘Shut Door’. I think I have explained this one before, its like a more elaborate version of peekaboo and has been developed purely by the Toddler mind. Although it an happen under the throws on the sofa, games are more usually played in bed. Unfortunately, the toddler sensors which detect the drop off the bed have not been turned on and we often hear the plop of one or two little bodies as they fall out of bed in a slow, tangled and hilarious fashion.

Another Fifi game is to literally empty out any box that she finds. I can be gone for under a minute and the contents of the entire toy shelving unit will be on the floor, the wicker baskets under the coffee table will have been emptied of magazines and the megablocks will be strewn everywhere. Fifi will be standing proudly surveying the scene from the top of an upturned box.

Fifi is one and a half, do I have another sixteen and a half years of this?


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  1. rock n roll mummy 25th May 2010 / 8:19 pm

    The whole spilling every box of toys thing happens all the time on our house it&#39;s a nightmare whilst I hate the scene of destruction I just grit my teeth and let my toddler get on with it now and put them away either when she has gone to bed or try and encourage her to help me put them<br />away before bed. I am dreading when the baby starts crawling may have to have a proper sort our of the

  2. cartside 26th May 2010 / 9:09 pm

    Sounds very familiar and like normal behaviour to me. Or rather, I&#39;ve come to accept it as normal. falling off the sofa won&#39;t do much harm, falling off the table may do a little harm, but if a toddler decides that&#39;s what they want, you can&#39;t do more than keep reminding them it&#39;s not on, and accidents may still happen. <br />It was amazing when at 2 1/2 years or so the concept

  3. Metropolitan Mum 28th May 2010 / 2:45 pm

    Funny. Little L just discovered emptying out each and every box. But she would take every single piece without looking at it and throw it through the living room behind her.

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