Do You Put Your Child in Your Bed?

We have an issue, alright, we have many issues. However, at the moment Fifi wakes up at 5 am everyday and stands in her cot screaming “mumeeeeeeeeee, MILK!, mumeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee MILK”. She is more awake than an awake seagull flying towards a chip. You can ask all sorts of questions:

“Fifi, are you going to invade Poland?”
“Fifi, is there a dinosaur in the garden?”
“Fifi are you going to be totally demanding today and beat up your brother and eat all our food”
“Fifi are you going back to sleep”

Sob. Me and the husband differ on how to deal with this one, I’m keen to try to get her to lay in bed next to me, even if she pokes me. At least I’m lying down. We did this with Toddler boy, it wasn’t too bad. The hubby thinks its better to get up and so this is what he has valiantly been doing. However, the past few days he was been unable to do this and so I have had to get up and sit downstairs. As I sit downstairs for vast chunks of my life, this has not been joyful. I’m not complaining here about the hubby’s decision. I just wonder if there is another approach. An in-between one, one where she is not rewarded for getting up so early.

I have tried to think of one, one day I put some toys into her cot. Unfortunately I couldn’t put enough in as she had chucked them all out before I even reached the door. Television in her room would be a slippery slope. We may just have to start going to bed at 8 O’clock in the evening ourselves…

8 thoughts on “Do You Put Your Child in Your Bed?”

  1. my daughter used to regularly wake at 5am, my husband is often out at work from 3am and at weekends he is deaf to any child waking… So it was left to yours truly to deal with it. <br />I used to have to get up with her at weekends because of the old bear in bed and week days I used to try and get her to fall asleep in my bed with differing results, sometimes I would put on a dvd for her to

  2. We co-sleep so our 2 year old is already in bed with us when she wakes up and we&#39;ve tried getting her to stay in bed longer, but no.We are up any time after half four and the latest is 5:45.But to be honest I don&#39;t mind as I get the bread made, tidying up done and time on-line before the older two get up and we got to get on with the day.

  3. Our older boys were like this; I used to go downstairs and then snooze on the settee – which kind of defeated the object I suppose. Our little one now just comes in the bed.<br /><br />And you&#39;ll miss it when they are too big to cuddle in.

  4. If you manage to find a middle road can you please let me know. On more then one occasion I have ended up with two kids in my double bed whilst I&#39;ve been curled up in one of their kids beds!!

  5. I used to take my daughter through into our room if she woke any time after 5am. She would only go back to sleep if nursed, which is why that feed was the last one to go, I&#39;m a sucker for sleep. However after I weaned her off that feed (at 23 months) she did sleep until 8 or sometimes 9am. So it was a phase and passed, hope it does for you too. (we&#39;re currently dealing with sleep issues

  6. We bring the mini in with us. Maxi is up at 5 and never ever gets back off to sleep. Now I stick him on the wii!

  7. I think this is one of those things, where no matter what you resolve to do, sleep takes over and you find yourself doing anything for a couple more hours!

  8. If you&#39;re the one having to deal with it you do what you need to do to survive because on minimal sleep all you are doing is survival<br /><br />We co-sleep which is far from ideal but came about because when I was back at work when Toddlergirl was 5 months I had to do something to get some sleep – nobody co-sleeps by the time they&#39;re at university so do what you need to do

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