Getting Something Off my Chest

It helps to talk about situations, right?

Me: Are you trying to make me upset?
Toddler boy: No, me try to make you very very very upset!

Well, that’s alright then, pick on the weak one, the one who lacks any sleep thanks to the conspiracy that you and your sister have going at night-times. The one who has only managed a day at work in the last month thanks to you and your sister’s illness’s and the one who has not managed to go to the toilet alone at home in over three years. The one who you are currently throwing sticklebricks at. The one who cooks endless dinners to be told they are horrible, the one who is not even allowed to watch a bit of daytime television. No! That’s fine, I’m not very upset, I am really really really upset. The mad shop assistant in Waitrose St Albans better watch out today, one evil stare at me whilst I replenish the household milk supplies and I might just snap.


3 Responses

  1. MuddynoSugar 18th July 2010 / 8:39 am

    A friend of mine suggested screaming into a pillow. Not sure that is going to be enough. I recommend a weekend at a spa.

  2. Mummywhisperer 18th July 2010 / 3:53 pm

    Ok, the wicked side to me&#39; says to use this as an opportunity to teach toddler boy how upset he can make someone – trembling lips, squeeze a tear out, big doe eyes and look a bit pathetic, maybe even a few sniffs thrown in ;0)<br /><br />Mind you from yours &amp; hubbies blogs I remember that he&#39;s very bright, so he might just use that one on you within a week or so! It does make max

  3. Perfectly Happy Mum 18th July 2010 / 4:27 pm

    Yes they always pick on the weak ones! Ungrateful kids! 🙂 <br />Thank you for the tweet by the way xx

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