Like a Child at a Toy Fair; More Ideas for Kids Pressies

Last week was an interesting week, not only did I get to see the John Lewis Autumn- Winter range, I also went to Christmas in July. This is one of the toy events of the year where manufacturers get to showcase their new toys. To be honest, not having been to something like this before (unless you count the Museums and Heritage show) I was a bit unsure about how to approach this, so I wandered around like a bit of a lemon looking and not really chatting to many PR people. However, I did get to meet and have lunch the amazing Maria Bailey who is one of America’s top mummy bloggers, Jo who runs Mummo and the girls from MyChild. I really enjoyed this, Maria is absolutely full of interesting information about blogging and listening to her talk was a window into the future of UK mummy blogging.

But this aside, what did I see? Well, there is a Mighty World
Ancient Egyptian Mummy set which looked quite cool and is a must have for any budding archaeologists . An absolutely lovely wooden pram from Hippychick (illustrated above) which I would rush and buy for Fifi if she didn’t already have a pram. Toy Story Duplo, which frankly, is on my Christmas list, a pony which responds to actions (perfect for pony mad children), Zhu Zhu pets, a new range of Merlin (from the BBC series) figures, a Jewish based board game called Maccabees, which I imagine will be a massive seller and also a new range of Doctor Who figures.

Stocking fillers include lego torches and fantastic brick lights, mini Babyborn dolls, Koosh key chains and Littlest Pet Shop key chains. You can also buy some great gifts and creative stuff from Yellow Moon who give 10% of the purchase price of items which have a Childline logo next to them to said charity.

All in all a really interesting day and lots more things to think about with regards to present buying.


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  1. TheMadHouse 13th July 2010 / 8:49 am

    Wow, I would have loved that. It sounds cool and how great that you got to meet Maria

  2. Wheely Bug 14th January 2011 / 5:11 pm

    Sometimes I think these fairs are enjoyed just as much by the mummys too :-)! The Toy Story Duplo sounds like an absolute money spinner! But I quite like the look of the Mummy set – very Indianna Jones.

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